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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Please tell me i am not alone......

AS i sit here and type Wy is whining mommy!! He had an accident while taking a nap. He refused to change, said he was just sweaty. So i had to pry his clothes off of him. Now he refuses to get dressed. So hes pacing behind me crying whininng and saying mommy over and over again. So i turn around to help him get dressed and he steps back and says "i want something else to wear" WEll, i got news, this is what you are wearing,end of story.
So i am timing this to see how long he holds out before he realizes hes not winning this one!!
Going on 7 minutes here, J just told him to shush,lol. I don't understand why he is the way he is. I try to be a good mom and talk to him and figure out how to help but on the inside i am screaming "SHUT UP" I am not a yeller, i hate to yell at my kids. I find myself yelling at Wy at least once a week and i just hate it. TOday i may be yelling ..........
9 minutes.........

PHEW!! We made it through another tantrum and mommy didn't lose her cool (but now i need a drink,lol)
So that tantrum lasted close to 40 minutes. Amazing that one person can be that stubborn.

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