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Life ain't always beautiful but it's a beautiful ride...

Sunday, July 31, 2005

My hands don't look full

actually they don't have anything in them.
If you think my hands are full you should see my heart.
Better to have full hands than empty hands.
Yes, another trip to the mall with the kids. Its crazy the comments i get and how many times my kids get counted with a remark followed. Usually a remark about how busy i must be or sometimes really rude remarks like "have you figured out how that happens yet?' Well dickweed, i haven't. wanna explain it to me? And have you heard of birth control? OH and my favorite is "are they all from the same father?" That one i am going to have fun with if i am ever asked it again. I am going to answer "well, i don't rightly know. I know #1 and #2 might be but #3 is from some guy i had a one night stand with,shhh, don't tell my husband tho he thinks they are all his and #4,heck, i haven't a clue where he came from" Seriosly, what freaking kind of question is that?
Today i got the question " are you done yet?" i so badly wanted to mess with this person but didn't. I answered honestly with a "I hope so but i was done after 2 and 3".
I can't forget the positive comments I heard... "you have a beautiful bunch and they are all so well behaved"(you heard that right, my monster Wy guy was a little angel today,all afternoon. all the way to bedtime,hip hip hooray!!!) Then we went to take daddy dinner and heard a co worker of his say to someone else "they are the perfect little family" awwww!! my heart melted. I like to think we are the perfect little family living the somewhat perfect life with little speedbumps here and there. It just seems the negative comments outwiegh the positive so often. I personally do not think 4 kids is too large of a family,large, yes. But not too large.
And my point is, why does it matter to anyone that I have 4 children? What is it about seeing 4 kids out with just mom that makes them say such stupid things or remark with such rude comments?

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AllI I asked was for him not to wake his brother

*yawn* Theres no coffee strong enough this morning. Wy woke up early this morning whining like usual. He wanted milk but it was out in the garage fridge. I told him he had to drink water and to go back to sleep. Wasn't going to happen, he continued to whine and complain. Dad tried to quiet him but it was too late. T was awake,rolling,smiling and looking around. I then jumped up put Wy back in his room and he screamed from there. So here it is 6:30 (didn't go to bed untill 1am and was up twice with the T) T is awake, G is awake and JJ followed shortly.
I love Wy to pieces but he sure does push all the right buttons to get my blood flowing. Yesterday he whined all the way through the store so i didn't get everything we needed. Last week the doctor had to tell him to stop, i was mortified. I didn't mind the doctor telling him to stop whining, i just felt like a failure of a parent because he wouldn't listen to me.
I used to think badly of parents that couldn't quiet their children in public or who had kids that were just a little overactive in stores. Well, i am sorry for that. I now have one of those kids. Hes a ball of firey energy that doesn't stop. Hes so stubborn fighting to get his way.I never give in, always discipline and he still fights tooth and nail everytime.
But then theres days like the day we went to the dentist. He climbed up in that chair,barely tall enough to swing his leg up and over. Politely asked for dora to be put on the TV above him( i am beginning to think i was born 20 years to early,lol) and accepted the sunglasses to help with the glare of the sun with a "yes,please" During x-rays after gagging and having lots of trouble getting the pitures he says in a very soft voice "i really don't want to do this anymore"
So why can't he be the latter Wy all the time. Why does he fight and whine and scream for the world to hear?
I'm exhausted..........its not hard being a mom of 4, its hard being mommy to Wy.

edit to add......
its now after 8 am and hes still whining for milk or juice but i told him he had to drink the water so I can't give in to shut him up. I am in this for the long haul. *running off to mexico, i am on the beach,feet in the sand, margarita in one hand*

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Saturday, July 30, 2005

You must try this

I got it from Jennifer
It was crazy. I played 3 times and everytime it was right. I even did hermit crabs and it guessed right,crazy.

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Last day of basketball

This concludes our summer activities. On to getting ready for school. Bedtime routines,backpack shopping,planning lunches (any tips on sending lunch to school with a very picky 5 year old would be appreciated)
And as i type this i just heard the school bell ring for the first time all summer. Maybe its a sign that i will enjoy the school year. I really don't want them to go back. I enjoy having my kids home all day. I miss them when they are gone.
I am not nervous or worried for JJ. I am so excited for her. She loves school,always has. Shes going to have a little extra going on this year. She is in the honors program and wants to join the chior. Should be lots of fun for her.
Its G i worry about. I worry about kids teasing him because of his glasses, i worry about him not eating his lunch because he gets frustrated easily if he can't get a package open. Hes also a slow eater. Always has been. I know that he says he wants to go to the *big* school with JJ and hes excited but he said the same thing about the dentist and you read how that went *rolleyes*.
So this brings me to the fact that we don't find out which teachers they get untill the Friday before school starts. This really irritates me. I am supposed to send my 5 year old to all day kindergarten(which i am against in so many ways) to a school hes never attended, with a teacher hes never met and kids hes never seen before.
Am I the only one that sees this as not an ideal situation? Last year JJ cried the 1st day of school. It was a brand new school with all new friends to make and a teacher she didn't meet untill then. Can you imagine how my 5 year old might react?
I know that everything could go smoothly and he will fit right in and love school from the beginning. I know my child and my guess is that hes not going to want us to leave him on that 1st day.

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Friday, July 29, 2005

okay i need help.....

My Hubby,Mr. Fun has listed his top 10 women that he doesn't know*wink*. So i was going to list my top 10 men. But i can't think past 4. I know they are out there. So far its
Kenny Chesney
Tim Mcgraw
James Denton
Ed Kowalczyk(lead singer of LIVE)

So please tell me who you find sexy. And exclude,Brad Pitt, Goerge Clooney, Jude Law and Ben Affleck. They don't do it for me.
Maybe its because I am just not the hollywood type. Don't keep on the gossip and don't care to. But I should be able to list 10 sexy men in the world excluding the list above.

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I am not sure what my problem is. I am just tired,all week i have been tired. Even snuck in a couple naps this week. There could be a few things playing a part in my tiredness.
1~Going to bed too late
2~Drinking decaf coffee instead of half caff.
3~My iron could be low (haven't been taking my iron like i should)
4~T is still up twice a night to nurse and now up by 7AM
5~I could be pregnant (wouldn't that be a cruel joke)
6~I have 4 kids that keep me going and going
7~My blood sugars could be out of whack
8~I could have something else wrong with me, entirely.

So I said i was going to call the dr. today and i haven't yet. Too busy taking care of everyone elses needs before mine.

Lets talk school supplies. Took the kids to get their supplies. The list seems to get longer with each year. And now that I have 2 in school it seems almost like too much.
As a kid I never remember taking anything to school but myself, a backpack and some pencils. I don't have a problem with buying these supplies for my kids, they are my kids. Even bought some extras in case some kids can't bring in everything. I just think its sad that its come to this. These are our children, our future. It seems less and less money is going towards our schools. People want great school with great teachers that can offer great programs yet they don't want another tax or to donate any money or time towards any of this. So more and more teachers are digging into their own pockets for supplies. I don't want them to have to do that. They don't get paid enough for what they do as it is.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The dentist

G hates the dentist.Long story short, he has a spacer from where he had a molar pulled. That took a lot of effort from our poor dentist(shes the best around) and a lot of patience from dad. They had to drug him which he spit out the meds. Finally got some in him, but he woke up too soon so they put him a papoose, he got out of it not once but twice. He bit the dentist and fought with all his might.
So today we went back for a cleaning. This is 6 months later and he says hes going to sit in the chair and be a good listener. I guess somewhere between home and the dentist chair he forgot about his plan. He kicked,screamed,yelled,hit and gagged. She got as much clean as she could. It just wears me out when i have to take him to the dr. or the dentist. I dread it. The dentist keeps telling me its okay but its not okay. In my mind my child acting like this is NOT okay. But 6 more months before we have to face the dentist again.
I just wish he would let them do their job without all the fighting. And I forgot to ask about the flouride varnish because of G's tantrum.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Just rambling tonight.......

JJ and T had drs. appoinments. All is well with both of them. JJ finally hit 60lbs, shes so happy. She wants out of that booster. But shes got at least another year in it.
They wanted to do something called "flouride varnish" to T's two teeth that aren't even all the way through yet. I denied it because 1~i haven't heard of anything about it and 2~ just because the dr. says its the right choice doesn't mean it is. I will do some research on it and ask the dentist about it. Then i decide whether we do it or not.
The nurse got a bit huffy puffy that i didn't want to do it. Why does she care what i do with my children?

This evening I was feeling pulled in way too many directions. With J being down and out its all on me. I am not use to that. I even had to do baths tonight,don't remember the last time i had to do that when hes home. Dinner was on and T was screaming. Usually J would dish out plates and get my plate if needed. Not tonight. I had to do it all with a fussy baby in my arms. Wy wanted milk (like everyday all day long) G wanted mango for dinner (i don't think so) and JJ wanted help with dvd player and T wnated to nurse.
It was just one of those crazy moments that your head explodes in your imagination from sensory overload.
In the midst of all this I forgot G had his last basketball practice of the season. Coach called to make sure everything was okay. J had to explain that things were just a little crazy. I am happy we forgot or else i would of been caught in a crazy storm. It was coming down hard,lights flickering,satilite going out. Not something i want to have to run to the car through with 4 kids. Notto mention they would of got my new ride all wet!! *gasp* not ready for it to get abused. ;-)
I did manage to get a chance to snap a couple quick pics of the storm. These were taken from the back patio.

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Monday, July 25, 2005

Can you spell relief?

I have this sense of relief today. J went for his vasectomy. In some ways i don't believe it will work. I AM SO AFRAID OF GETTING PREGNANT AGAIN. Not that I couldn't do life with 5 kids, i just don't want to. Then theres my health issues and trust me, 4 highrisk pregnacies is enough. Not wanting to walk down that road ever again.
We only planned 1 of our children, the other 3,yes 3, just kind of happened. We are known as the fertile couple around our friends. If we look at eachother with the tiniest bit of "maybe just one more" in both our heads I get pregnant. So no more thinking. I am DONE!!
I did love being pregnant. The feel of this human life inside of you. Growing,kicking, becoming someone day by day. So exciting,such a blessing. From the first flutter to the last push is such an amazing journey. I wish every woman that wants to take the journey has the chance to.
I am not sad that that part of life is over and I am moving on. I thought I might be. But I am actually a bit excited at the thought of no more birth control and not stressing every month is that little visitor is on time.

Pictures of me at 37 wks pregnant with my last baby. I was induced one week later for sake of my health and his.

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Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

My baby is 9 years old today. Its hard to believe. Shes growing so fast.

Thank you for all the joy and happiness you bring to the world! Its a better place because of you and your sweet smile.

and mom is already holding back the tears. Shes NINE!!!! How did this happen?

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

just a shout out

By hubby has started a blog Jaebyrd . I am so excited. So why don't you go over and say hey ;-) Keep in mind that he just started it today. Hoping he keeps it up :)

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Friday, July 22, 2005


Lemonade, Lemonade!! Just like your Grandma made. You know you want it.
Lemonade, Lemonade!! Just like your Nana made. You know you want it.

We attended yet anoter ballgame tonight. There was this guy selling lemonade saying this over and over as loud as he could. I wasn't even thirsty and i wanted to buy some. I am kicking myself for not getting a pic of him. Its the first time hes come to our area. I am hoping he'll be there'll next time.

So has anyone talked you into buying something you really didn't want/need or have any use for?
I am curious because i *really* wanted a lemonade. Luckily he was sold out by the time he came back our way because they were $4.25 a piece. I guess thats where they get their money to cool The BOB (bank one ballpark). It cost them $1.3 million a year to cool the place.

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Our first fill up

I expected it to be a lot but $70.13 a lot was not expected. Good thing I only fill up every 2 weeks and don't drive far. You know what I could buy for $70.13?? So what did your last fill up cost you? And what type of gas do you use?

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

We were at friends for swimming and eats. The girls brought out the dolls and one thing led to another. See JJ really wanted a sister so we decided to see what a sister would look like :-0

SHHHH don't tell the guys ;-) Oh and J says we are horrible. He'll never know, right? I guess he will when he runs across these pics. I'll lie and say its JJ;-) He looks just like her, i may even believe it myself.

And yesterday the same friend and I had to run some errands together. M and C are JJ and G's best friends. It works out really well. We got very lucky finding such great friends. She took this pic of all of them in the limo (aka suburban)It was great being able to take one car instead of following eachother.

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Happy half Birthday T(warning~sappy mommy post)

I can't believe how fast its going. I try to stop and take all of him in.I hold him while he sleeps, i sniff his head, kiss his cheeks, play with him and just enjoy those baby giggles.But its still going so fast.He is my last baby so every milestone is bittersweet to me. He got his first two teeth the other day, hes sitting up for 30-60 seconds at a time, hes all over the place (not crawling but scooting and rolling).
I am almost afriad to blink some days. Hes just growing so fast.
It seems like yesterday he was this blob that had his days and nights mixed up. Then he started to give you little smiles and tell you the cutest stories. He started to discover his hands and then his feet. Now hes 6 months. Hes a mamas boy, its a love hate thing with me. I just love that I am his favorite untill i feel myself needing that break. And speaking of break, T is 6 months and that means that he can go into the kidsclub at our gym.
I get to work out again. Of course i didn't call and schedule a work out for today but i think i'll call today for tomorrow.
I would also like to say Happy 6 months to Kari's baby girl

And I managed to capture a moment last night. I love this photo so i must share.

I still think the best moments are captured when nobody knows they are being captured ;)

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

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Happy Birthday J

I hope that you have a great day. Its crazy to think that its been 10 yrs since i first celebrated your birthday with you at E Street. I still remember that night like it was yesterday. How our life has changed since then, 4 huckleberries, 5 moves, and lots of great memories. I love you :)

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rambling about my day...........

I started my day at The Childrens Place. JJ had a pair of shoes that broke and of course i had my receipt. (im married to a retail manager) So she took them back and then asked for my drivers liscense. UMM? i have a reciept you don't need my DL. Yes we do she proceeds to tell me and i cut her off as politely as i can and tell her i am not giving her my DL and she will complete the transaction without it. So with a great big attitude she calls her manager over who tries to tell me that without my DL they can't give me a refund. Do i look that stupid? I must!
I walked out with $10.87 refunded to my AMEX and my DL never left my wallet.
So then i am in Gymboree (huge sale going on and i should of stayed cleared) So i am looking at clothes and this toddler starts to cough a bit.
Mom(standing out sight from child))~ are you okay D
D~more coughing
Mom~oh D
Me~(in sight of the child)~ i think your son is choking
Mom~looks at me like i just offered her some crack
D~starts to throw up
Me~your son is throwing up
Mom~ continues to look at clothes
D~throws up some more
Me~i think your child needs you
Mom~rolling eyes and walks around to D, its okay and takes his clothes off. tells older child that they have to leave but still walks around the store for 10 minutes holding almost naked child.
Me~totally shocked and check out.
What the heck is wrong with this mother? You could hear his throw up splat on the floor.
And as i was walking out i heard her tell the clerk that he had a fever last night and has had snot build up. HELLO???
So if someone gets sick here in the huckleberry house remind me of today so i can find that woman and smack her.
Now i am in Claires and looking at the keychains near the piercing booth. The sales lady asks if i need help.
Me~what if i just needed one ear pierced, could i only buy one earring?
sales~i think so but let me double check
Me~its for him(pointing to T in my arms) so if i have to buy two its okay because he might lose one.
sales ~looking at me like i am on crack
oh that was fun, a little mean but fun.


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Monday, July 18, 2005

I *heart* U MOM and wiggle room

Ran across a couple pics that had me laughing. He had 3 people working on him at once. He was loving it. Hes an attention getter any way he can get it. I, of course, had to grab my camera. I was taking pics when the nieghbor said "turn around Wy" Oh , it doesn't get much cuter. Hopefully this doesn't mean a thing about his future tats *wink*

My original post was going to be about wiggle room.

J brought this home for the kids a couple weeks ago and tonight we finally got to use it. Oh what fun it is. Its goopy,sticky and messy in a clean way,lol. The boys had a riot with it.
J remembers it as a kid but i can't say i ever heard of anything like this untill he brought it home. And to to top it off it smells so good.

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Sunday, July 17, 2005


1. To participate, leave a comment below saying “Interview Me!” “Do Me” is not acceptable
2. I’ll respond by asking you 5 questions, each person’s will be different, posted in my comments on this post- so check back.
3. You’ll update your blog with the answers to my questions.
4. You’ll include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you ask ‘em 5 questions.

And my Q&A...
From Jamie

Q1- What was your first impression of me when we met? LOL

Honestly, i don't remember,it was so long ago. I remember thinking that it was too bad you were moving away so soon because we had a great together.

Q2- If you could move back to SD (and have the same house, etc. that you have, would you? Why/Why not?

THats a really hard question to answer. Yes, i think i might if we could have everything there that we have here and that includes, no traffic. So then no because theres SO MUCH traffic in SD

Q3-How has life changed since adding #4?

It hasn't much. We all adjusted quickly. Adding #3 was pure hell,lol. #4 just fell into place.

Q4-Finish this sentence: I wish…. because….

I wish T would take a bottle because I would get more ME time

Q5-J really wanted to have a furry pet… would you ever give in?

Its been almost 10 years, i aint giving in. No way NO how!!

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4 kids, 1 mom plus unexpected monsoon

Not what I call fun. Okay it was a little fun.Well, maybe just funny.My poor little lightweights were getting blown away. I ended up putting G in the cart, held Wy and put JJ inbetween me and the cart while we pushed our way to the car. Of course i had to park as far away as possible. Still not use to the bus. Oh and T was in the bjorn so he was strapped to me. We must of looked like a hoot. I get a good chuckle just thinking about it.


and for those that wanted to see a pic of my bus!! HOLLY HELL!! I have a suburban!! So crazy!

and one of my MANY favorite features is the pedal adjust. Oh i love it!!! And i love the little foot,lol.

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

AWWW, that new car smell

Or should i say that new suburban smell!!!
HOLY FREAKIN HELL!! we did it, we bought a brand spankin' new suburban.
I am still in shock. Not sure we did the right thing. oh hell, i deserve it.
I will share pics later if you want. Pretty sure you all know what a suburban looks like tho,lol.

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Goodbye flavored coffee creamer

J and I have decided to eliminate most (if not all) hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup from our diets. Those two things will kill you man,lol. Not really but they aren't good for you at all.
So upon reading labels i found out my best friend,my flavored creamer has the hydrogenated oil in it. What a bummer. But if i am going to do this I am going to do it all the way.
The kids are bummed b/c this means no more Sunny D or Capri Suns.
It won't be too diffrent for them because they already don't get many prepackaged snacks. But once school starts making lunches will be interesting.
Wild Oats and Trader Joes have become our favorite places to shop this past week.I am hoping to run across some granola bars w/o the oil or syrup in them.
If you are wondering how or why we started this read the book YOU The Owner's Manual
J also started back up at the gym, 5 more days and i get to start going again!! Oh I can't wait.
So heres to my last day with flavored creamer in my coffee *cheers*

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oh crap they found the stash

I have a big ziploc bag(thanks Amy) in the freezer of those delicious little colored candies known as M&M's(the same ones i wanted to ping at the truckers) and the boys found them. G comes running in with this bag,Wy not far behind echoing his brothers every word.
"mom, why is there a bag of these in the freezer, can we have some?"
I had to compose myself while screaming on the inside have you gone mad children?, those are MINE MINE MINE!!! But replied with "maybe after dinner"(with no intention of giving them any,ever) and made note to self to find another hiding place for my treats.
They forgot about the candies and never asked for them after dinner. YIP-EE!! more for mommy!!

YUM, love the chocolate. And i wonder why i have trouble sleeping at night, hmmm?
Confess, what goodies/treats do you hide from your kids and where do you hide it?
I obvisiously need a better hiding place.

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Friday, July 15, 2005


My 3 y/o is very lucky hes one cute soul. I lost my blog but hopefully Jamie will check her mail and help a friend out.
ACK!!! I am so sad.

Okay I did it!! I got it back!! Its amazing what a 3 y/o is capable of.

And i did it all by myself *happy dance*

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This is for Jason

Blog name = Mrs Fun

# piercings = 2, one in each ear. do want to pierce my eyebrow very badly.

# tattoos = one and going to get another one once baby is weaned

height = 5'4"

hair color = blonde

siblings = depends on what you consider a sibling

children = 4

How old do you look = lets just say i don't get carded anymore :(

How old do you act = not my age

How old do you feel = 21

Do you have any pets = does a hermit crab count?


movie you rented = The Notebook

movie you bought = can't remember, think it was The Village via J's request

song you listened to = something by Jack Johnson

song that was stuck in your head = don't have one

cd you bought = Kenny Chesneys latest

tv show you've watched = Giants at Dodger


you have a secret crush = its not a secret, i married him

you wish you could live somewhere else = no on most days

you think about suicide = no

you believe in online dating = hey, whatever gets your goat.

others find you attractive = not sure, never asked them.

you like cleaning = if i am cranky or upset

you like roller coasters = yes, love them


long distance relationships = Against.

using someone = Against.

smoking = Against. its just going to kill you or your loved ones

Death penalty = can't say one way or the other.


ever lied to someone? = yes

ever been in a fist fight? = don't think so

ever passed out on a street from drinking too much? = no

ever told someone you loved them when you didnt? = No

ever cheated on a lover/spouse? = depends on how you define cheating???

ever cheated on a test? = yes


shoes do you wear most = flip flops

are you scared of = bugs,insects, the dark

do you want to be when you grow up = Haven't given it much thought, hmm don't plan on growing up *wink*

is your least favorite chore to do = cleaning the toliet

makes you the happiest = J,kids, family, working out

upsets you the most = immigration, racism and kids not listening to me!!

always makes you smile = My kids


of times I have been in love = true in love, once

of hearts I have broken = I know of just one, my ex-fiance

of people I can trust with my life with = i think 6, may be more.

of times my name has appeared in the newspaper = never

of scars on my body = none

of things in my past that I regret = no regrets. I am who i am because of my past.

of times I told people I loved them today = at least 5


pretty = no

funny = i can be

friendly = yes

amusing = only when i am making a fool of myself

ugly = no

loveable = yes

caring = yes

sweet = if i want to be

sensative = sometimes.

a putz = never

mean = the truth hurts


6 letter word = coffee

Candy = dark chocolate

Cartoon = can't say i have one

Cereal = kashi go lean or the one with flaxseed in it (escapes my mind right now)

Color = burgandy

Day of week = whatever day J has off

Season = spring

Movie = The Notebook was Field of Dreams

Book = The Left Behind Series

TV Channel = HGTV or TLC


Slept in your bed with you = J,Wy,G, and T

Saw you cry = J

Made you cry = mom

Yelled at you = nobody since yrs ago, i guess my mom oh no wait my ex.

Smiled at you = T

Kissed you = J (of course)


Gone out in public in your pajamas = does walking JJ to school count?

Kept a secret from everyone = yes

Wished you were the opposite sex = hell no

Stolen someones newspaper = when i was a teenager,yes.

Borrowed something never meaning to return it = no

Had sex with some one of the same sex = no


Do you believe in love at first sight = yes and no

Most important quality to you in a relationship is = trust, i suppose.

Who loves you most = yikes, my kids, my mom, J


Do you speak any other languages = no

Last flavor you tasted = coffee

Last noise you heard = Wy asking for milk

Last smell you sniffed = T's hair, oh love teh baby smell

Last meal you ate = bagel and grapes

Last beautiful thing you saw = my children

Last emotion you felt = joy

Favorite item in your home = console table

Worst feeling in the world = being heart broken


I Love ... my life

I Miss ... my mom

I Wish ... everyone would follow us here

I Hope ... my kids grow up to be respectful adults

I Want ... a suburban

I am ... easy going

I need ... to get back to the gym

I'd rather die than lick ... a piece of poo

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My washed goodies

I've said it before, i don't check pockets when doing laundry. Never have never will.
This week was pretty fun for i had lots of washed treasures.

so what did you find in your washer and dryer this week? Or are you a pocket checker?

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

M&M's and truckers

Have you ever felt like taking those yummy little candies you are scarfing down while your kids sleep in the car (so you don't have to share because you are a mean mommy and only let your kids have candy on special occasions and when they are with grandma) and throwing them at the truck drivers face?
Well, today i did. Stay out of the fast lane dickwad!! I thought i was going to explode if one more trucker got over in the fast lane going 5 miles under the speed limit.

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7 kids and two moms

What a great day!! Nothing better then an afternoon spent with a great friend and kids that get along wonderfully. Baby girl is so tiny and sweet. Shes the cutest.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Go to bed already

I hate that i just can't go to bed at a decent hour. Everyone is asleep,dreaming and here i sit surfing the net. I have a 2 hour drive tomorrow to Tuscon to visit a friend and her new 5 wk old baby. I need to get to sleep but here I sit. Jamie, i know you feel my pain.
Oh and today was the last day of dance for JJ, those 8 classes went by way too fast, Hard to believe the summer session is over already.
My dad called twice while we were in CA. Man, i need to call him but everytime i think about it its either too late or too early in the day. I have a feeling my step sister Trudy(we weren't close but i do remember her from when i was little, thats a whole other post tho) might have passed away. Oh i think thats why my brain is shutting that phone call out of my head.
J's dad also called and last i heard they moved his grandma home from the hospital so she could pass at home. He hasn't called him back either.
Well, don't want to end the night on such sad thoughts so i will end it with the thought that I get to hold a new baby again tomorrow. I can't wait. And i am sure i will be posting a pic of sweet baby girl.

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Luckily he only eats 1/4 of a jar right now so i scoop it in a bowl before feeding. How gross is that?
Not sure you can see it,its hanging off the foil. It looks like it could be an animal hair which is worse.
Should I contact Gerber to let them know? How would I do that?

okay here it is blown up and cropped, ewwww so gross!!

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mmmm, that sand is good.

Hmm, what is this stuff anyways

This feels good in my hand

But whats that noise behind me

I wonder what it taste like?

mom tried really hard to stop me from tasting the sand but she realized it was a lost cause. It was pretty darn crunchy

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

T's first time at the beach

First i just hung out in my seat.

Then i got to roll around on the towel.

daddy tried to put my feet in the sand and i hated it.

So mommy tried and i still hated it.

I tried to tell them by not crying when she picked me up.

Turns out I love sand and was just hungry. Stay tuned for more....

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Monday, July 11, 2005

Saying goodbye is never fun

Packing everything up is being put off as long as possible.
Hoping for a smooth and safe ride home.
Let the baby sleep all night.
Starbucks drive thru opens at 5AM,rght?

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Where did it go and how can i find it? *yawn* *sips strong coffee*
Went to visit my mom yesterday and T didn't sleep much while there. By the time we left he was overtired and screamed untill daddy got him calmed down and JJ let him suck on boo (her benie baby elephant she got when she was 9 months). He fell asleep for the 50 minute drive back to the inlaws. No sooner did my head hit the pillow and "wah wah waaaaah" So we nurse and hes asleep. Sure enough I get an urge to pee. So up i get trying not to wake anyone else. I get settled back in bed and i am almost asleep. you know that state where you can hear everything but you are just seconds from dreamland.
"wah wah waaaaah" So i roll over,pat the butt and he quiets down again. I finally fall asleep. 2 hours later "wah wah waaaah" So we nurse again but he doesn't want to sleep, he wants to chew on his toes and scream with joy. OI!!!! So i lay there trying to drift off to sleep inbetween the sweetest noises ever heard at 2 in the morning.
"come on T,mom needs some sleep"
"baby laughter and a scream of delight"
"T,its 2 am, lets go night night,look the sun isn't up"
Finally he decides he wants nurse again and falls asleep. 2 more hrs of sleep and hes awake. Again, he just wants to play. So we are up for the day,its 4:30 and I am awake for the day. *yawn* *sipping strong coffee*
Now he is taking a nap and i am sitting here wishing i could join him *sips strong coffee* *yawn*

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Some pictures of Wy

Just because i'm holding him a bit closer after yesterday.

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Saturday, July 09, 2005

A lost child

A week before daddy kisses Wy goodbye and says "stay close to mom today" Mom opens one eye and demands to know why he should stay close. Dad tells mom he had a dream that he was lost and we couldn't find him.
Today the family went to Lego Land with Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Z.
Everyone is having a great day. The 9 of us are walking down a path,laughing,talking and having a great time.
Mom looks around and realizes Wy is nowhere in sight. Mom yells out "where's Wyatt?" everyone looks around. Mom goes running back up the hill yelling"WYATT,WYATT" tears sting her eyes, fear filling her body. Stops to ask one person if they've seen a boy wearing a blue shirt and camo shorts. He answers no and mom continues up the hill screaming. She comes around the corner to see Wy standing there with three security gaurds and a bunch of on lookers and she hears "there she is" her whole body consumed with emotions. She picked up her little boy, hugging him tight and teling him how sory she was for letting him get lost.
Dad was right behind mom this whole time but with a calmer sense about him. His dream he had last week had hiim going up a hill very similar to this and he knew Wy would be at the top safe.
Mom is still recovering and tears are still stinging her eyes at the thought of what could of happened.

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Friday, July 08, 2005

We made it!!

We are here,ahhhhh, that air feels good!! Going from 115 to 70 degree weather does something to a person. The trip was good. We have great travelers. I think Wy slept 90% of the way. T had a fussy period where he just DID NOT want to be in his seat. So we had to make one extra stop for about 10 minutes.
And I can't believe how many times I did that drive by myself. I don't think I want to ever again. Things just go more smoothly when J is around.

Oh and i have a new pet peeve~people that make me tap my breaks and reset my cruise coontrol. GRRRR!!!

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Off to see the family and friends

We will be leaving for San Diego(home) early tomorrow. The earlier the better.
So just a quick note to say i may post, i may not. Most likely will but who knows. Heck we didn't even make up our minds about this trip untill 6pm tonight. Heaven forbid we plan something in advance. Everyone is sleeping and i have packing,loading the car and rearranging seats in the van to do. So i am off.

Thank you for the compliments on T's pictures. I did take them :) I was trying to get him chewing on his thumb,its the cutest. But he wanted nothing to do with his thumb so i went with it.

Oh and when you try on a new pair of size 6 jeans that your husband bought for you even though you told him size 8 and he tells you look HOT, don't laugh. Not a good idea. I laughed, don't laugh.
And on side note..I fit into a size 6 again. *happy dance*

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Prince T ~5 months

They are only this small for so long..........

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So where are my props?

As i mentioned earlier, J had an awesome day at work. Got lots of praise and compliments and was told to keep up with the great work and was even thanked from the DM.
So i was thinking.....Where are my props,praise,thank you's? I would like to think i am doing at least a good job with this mommy gig. My kids are clean, well mannered and chew with their mouths closed.
Wheres my yearly raise or pat on the back, my thank you's?
I guess thats the sacrifice you make when you take on the SAHM role.
Don't get me wrong, the hugs,i love yous and kisses are a great reward but hearing "hey Misti, thank you for raising great kids,keep up the great work heres a $500 shopping spree for all your hard work" would be nice :)

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

We rediscovered the sling today

T has been a very fussy baby the last couple of days. I could blame it on his gums being swollen or something i ate but i think hes just becoming a mamas boy. I really needed to get all that laundry piled up on my dresser put away. So i saw the sling out of the corner of my eye and thought Oh,lets try that again. its been a few months Sure enough he loved it, i had two hands,got all the laundry put away and had a sleeping baby.

did you hear that? ALL THE LAUNDRY IS PUT AWAY!!! and CLEAN!!! EMPTY hampers!!!
Come on... Do the happy dance with me!!
J came home from work in such an awesome mood. Haven't seen him this happy about work in such a long time. He nailed the visit today and at the meetings his name is coming up more and more often. GO J!!!!
Making this career move was the best thing he could of done. We took a risk and its paid off already. Just seeing him happy about work and loving what he does again makes it all worth it.

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