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Saturday, June 10, 2006

I had two PB shoots this week.......

The first one was for a newborn and 4 year old sister. It turned out bad,really bad. The house was so dark. I walked in and thought I was in a cave. I didn't panic thinking we could open the blinds and let the light in. WELL>>>>>>their windows were tinted. It was awul. I depend on natural light when I take photos. So the pictures sucked. I asked for a reshoot and still no word. It's okay though because I was to worry about my camera and not the baby. I asked to hold the baby when I first arrived and I was ignored,blown off. Mom handed baby off to grandma. And baby was awake the whole time so no cute feet pictures and mom wasn't up to any other shots then them facing the camera. UGH! It was not enjoyable and my style did not shine through in these photos.

The second shoot was different. I nailed it. The mom was more willing to listen to me and what I wanted. I have 19 pictures proofed and ready to share with her,so far. I think I could end up with close to 30 proofs. I am so excited to share with her. Hopefully they'll be repeat clients. These boys were so much fun. I hope to share after I get the released signed.

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