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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A little of this,some of that and a dash of rant

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I do not feel 30, i mean 31.
My new banner was made by Trisha Thank you sweets!! I love it.

I recieved three birthday calls today :) That was one more than expected. My dear best friend called me today. She wanted me to post a pic of my burb (gas hogging,seating 8,ruining the world suburban) <---thats for tj *wink*, I couldn't resist. So here it is Jen. I miss you girl!click on it to make it bigger :)


Walked out tonight and saw this

Okay, I have noticed the commercials but didn't think that the cars really loked like this. I was laughing, not sure why. I just found it funny that my nieghbors had the geek squad at their house. The kids asked me why i was laughing so I told them and JJ was confused. G chimed in with "you know when that lady screams and those cars come flying down from the sky" And this from a TIVO family that doesn't watch commercials.

Back to school was tonight and I was annoyed by the kids that did come. I left my 3 older ones with the nieghbor. But there were 4 or 5 kids there and they were all loud. The teacher was talking to us parents about important matters and these kids were so distracting. It took all I had not to tell those kids to be quiet. Not sure why the teacher didn't say anything. Maybe she was waiting for the parents to say or do something. I don't know. It was really annoying. Theres a time and place for play. Back to school night while the teacher is talking is not the time.
I just don't understand how parents can sit back and not parent their children. Those children were being very disrespectful. They are only 5 so of course this doesn't matter to them. All they know is they were having fun. SO HELLO Parents, thats when you jump in, clock in,get a clue,something, anything and teach them how to be respectful.

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I can now say I am in my 30's

Happy 31st Birthday to me!!!
For those of us born on: August 30
Happy Birthday: You may be tempted to take on too much or spread yourself too thin this year. Look at the big picture and determine what is really important. You will be given the chance to prove yourself, and you don't want to let anyone down, especially yourself. The time to realize your potential and put your attributes to good use is this year. -- Birthday Baby: You are changeable, compassionate and caring. You have a strong sense of justice and fair play. You are a pillar of strength, courage and goodness.

I see some truth in this, weird how some horoscopes can be so fitting.
I remember as a kid my mom would buy those rolled up horoscopes from the store. I thought they were so cool. Do they still sell those?
Nothing planned for today. The usual getting kids off to school and housework. Then back to school night for G is tonight along with the PTO meeting I kind of want to go to,we'll see. I better at least get starbucks and a muffin out of today ;-)

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Would you walk out on this?

Grand Canyon Glass "Skywalk"

I don't think I could do it. I don't think it should be built either. Maybe its a neat idea to give everyone a different view, I just don't know.

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The shaved head lives

When we got home last night after running to get starbucks Mr. Fun was home. And to my delight, his head was shaved. Oh how I love a shaved head. Nothing sexier than a shaved head. He has had hair way too long.
I asked him how it was and being the sweetheart he is he said it was okay. JUST OKAY??? Is he crazy? Said they only played for an hour and didn't seem overly excited about the awesome time he had just had. I know hes just saying this because he knows I was bummed out.

Good news~~ I am all better. Mr. Fun talked me into going to the gym this morning. I wanted to bail because I didn't get much sleep last night. Yes, thats 8 nights in a row now. Not that I am counting or anything. So I put my coffee on hold, changed and out the door I ran after kissing everyone goodbye. I was free! Just me, windows down, music loud and a water bottle for a microphone. Then came the 50 minute workout and some people watching. Today i saw some interesting characters. The old guy with the oxygen tank walking on the treadmill was among them. What an inspiration. Heres this guy,in his 70's at least, carrying his portable oxygen tank working out. It wasn't a heavy workout but a workout. I hope to still be doing this when I'm 70 and older.

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Disclaimer~whiney post ahead from one that thinks whining about things is a huge waste of time. Get over it already and move on is my motto. But not today. I am full of disappoinment.

I'm a little disappointed

I would be a liar if I said I wasn't. We managed to get our hands on the Diamondbacks Owners seats for tonights game. Which will be followed with a concert performed by LIVE. One of my favorite bands.
Our friends had 4 tickets. I am not sure who ended up with my ticket. I hope it didn't go to waste.
So Mr.Fun ,his best friend and wife are at the game right now. And me? I get the pleasure of listening to Wy whine, T fuss, G scream and Ice Ice baby is currently playing on itunes.(why the hell do we even have that song downloaded?)
Now how did I get so lucky? If you are wondering why I didn't go? I will list them for you.
1~ T won't take a bottle
2~T,Wy and JJ are sick
3~Don't have a babysitter other than the people that invited us to go with them.
4~I am running on empty
5~T won't drink from anything thats any form of plastic or silicone.

So I stayed home, thats what any good mom would do,right?
Then why am i so bummed out that I am here and not there?
I know I will get over it and I know there will most likely be another chance to see LIVE perform again. But right now i am seriously disappointed.
~Baseball,sitting in the best seats in the house and a live performance from one of my favorite bands~ It was all right there in my hands *shaking head*

Has there ever been a time you did the right thing but all the while wished you hadn't?
Man, i really wish I was sitting there,drink in hand,some ballpark treat in the other. Sitting next to Mr. Fun,enjoying good company and getting a much needed break.

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7 nights of very litlle sleep

I believe I am officially a walking zombie. Even the coffee isn't giving me a short spurt of energy. I am zapped,on empty.DING DING DING my fuel light has come on *yawn*
As if a sick teething baby wasn't enough I have 2 other sick kids right now. So if I'm not up with the baby I am listening to a 3 year old cough and if hes silent the 5 year old is asking for a glass of water.

Its 3:30 and I am thinking silence is golden. I may be able to squeeze a few hours of sleep in. But wait, the baby wants to nurse again, there goes Wy barking like a seal. So its now 4Am and its silent once again but whats bed has been taken over by two not so small boys. I push one over,scoot the other down to the end..My pillow,my friend. WAH WAAAH WAH Up again Up again there is no time for sleep. Baby now needs a diaper change. 5 AM is too early for such a young thing to be awake and ready for play,isn't it? Not in my universe .
Hello coffee cup *yawn*

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

And we wonder why the youth of today is the way it is.........

My ever so responsible daughter lost one sheet of homework. I got everyone in the truck to drive the half a block to her school. Yes, I drove a half a block because 1~ I am still in my pajamas 2~ Wy has a fever 3~ Its over 100 degrees outside 4~Couldn't find Wys sandals 5~I didn't want her walking by herself after the crowds of people had vanished.
So she gets a copy of her homework and we are walking back to the truck. Yes, I went in the school in my pajamas(well, I did put some shorts on),no make up and hair unkept but I refuse to walk to the school in my pajamas. (is anyone understanding how my screwed up mind works?) Theres a truck parked in the loading zone and I notice cigarette smoke coming out of the cracked window. The window is then rolled down a bit more and this mother flicks her still lit,half smoked cigarette out onto the sidewalk where students are still walking about.
So me being the loud outspoken person I am said loud enoough for her to hear "thats real responsible, throw your lit cigarette out where a child could pick it up and either smoke it or get burned from it." She rolls the window all the way down and says~~ are you ready for this?
"as long as it ain't my kid who gives a fuck?"
I then realized she wasn't worth the effort. I went over,smashed her cigarette with my shoe and threw it the trash that was 2 feet away.

Back to the homework, she had it. She found the original copy stuck between her two folders. I told you shes responsible *wink*

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I've been complimented

Cyli complimented me in her 100 compliments of the summer. I feel so honored to be listed among bloggers like Carmi,Last Girl On Earth and An American Housewife to name a few. When i started this blog I never thought (not in a million years) that others would enjoy reading it. Especially strangers that don't know me. I will admitt I was grinning ear to ear when I read the comment.
Heya Mrs. Fun, I wanted to take a moment and say great meme answers!! Also I wanted to take a moment and de-lurk long enough to say thank you to you for allowing me to feature your blog in my 100 Compliments of Summer

I love your blog and i always look forward to reading it! Thanks again and keep it up lady!!!

At first I looked around making sure the comment wasn't left by mistake :)
Thank You Cyli, for the compliment. I am glad you enjoy my blog,I will keep on keeping it on ;) Just being myself here in blog land.
I also suggest you visit Why not laugh and see who else is on the list. You may just find another great blog, a favorite even.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

First steps towards independence...

May you grow,learn,laugh lots,cry less and have lots of fun.

I sent my third baby off to preschool today. There were no tears not even a "mommy, can you please stay with me?" He was ready to let me go as I was him. This is the child that makes me want to pull my hair out, throw things and sometimes scream out SHUT UP!! Of course I don't do any of these things but man sometimes I am this - - close to it. But then he smiles at me and says something so cute like "when I grow up I am going to marry you,right mommy" and I find myself kissing his soft cheeks and hugging that sweet little guy.
I am looking foward to watching him grow and make his own friends. If I find friendship in another parent it would be a bonus.
I am realizing that each child is their own person and just when you think you got this parenting thing figured out WHACK! and you are right back where you started.

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I was tagged

Actually I was tagged twice. So here goes. I want you to know this was extremely hard for me for I am such a simple person.

7 things I plan to do before I die
Watch my kids grow
Meet my grandchildren
Take Disney Cruise with the kids
Renew my vows with J
See Lake Tahoe sober
Become a semi-professional photogragher
See New York

7 things I can do
Take great pictures
drive a stick
get dressed holding a baby
eat a whole box of cookies in one sitting without getting sick.
watch 30 2 year olds at once without going crazy but there will be a stiff drink afterwards ;)
Listen for as long as you need me to :)
get my kids to behave with just a look

7 things I cannot do
double dutch
keep my mouth shut
handle raw meat

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex
sense of humor

7 things that I say most often
I love you
Have a great day
Leave T alone
Whats T doing?
Time to go
What do you want
Thats not where that goes

7 celebrity crushes
Tim McGraw
Kenny Chesney
Ed K (lead singer of LIVE)
Matthew Mcconaughey
Jack Johnson
can't think of any more. I am not big on celebs.

7 people I want to do this

And if you don't do it my feelings won't be hurt. I almost didn't do it but felt the need after the second tag.

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Okay, heres another pic :)

He was doing push ups!!!!!!

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Any guesses as to what this spunky 3 year old is doing?

If anything he keeps me laughing.......

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A game that I really didn't want to play

I have seen it around and avoided it but Jamie was doing it. And I had to comment on hers.

1) Comment and I’ll respond with something random about you. I’ll respond in comments so you’ll have to check back.
2) I’ll tell you what song or movie reminds me of you.
3) I’ll pick a color/flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4) I’ll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5) I’ll tell you my first memory of you.
6) I’ll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7) I’ll ask you something I’ve always wondered about you.
8) If I do this for you, you must post this on your blog. You MUST. It is written.

And here are the answers she had about me :)
1)something random about you: love feet photos!
2)song or movie reminds me of you: Kenny Anything
3)color/flavor of jello to wrestle with you in: Do they make purple?
4)something that only makes sense to you and me: think of the frog emote
5)first memory of you: playing at the park in San Diego
6)animal you remind me of: crab LOL just becasue I know you dont like fur
7)something I’ve always wondered about you: if you’d ever see me again (that’s all I could think of!)
A~I hope so, somewhere down the road :)

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

I am a people watcher

I love to watch people. We are fascinating creatures. We are all so different yet we are a lot alike.
At the gym today I chuckled as I thought of a commercial. You know the one where people have shirts on with sayings such as Lose baby wieght...Bench 350 lbs...Fit into that little black dress.
I started assigning everyone little sayings like~ I eat too much junk food...Just relieving stress...I'm only hear because she made me come...I'm just here pretending to look cool and pick up chics...I'm a dork and wear a jean skirt to the gym...Maybe if I talk on my cell long enough I won't have to work out..How do you work these machines anyways...
I then started to think of what my shirt should say. I came up with Can't say no to treats... Couldn't come up with anything better or more witty. How sad is that? Maybe it should say Mom of 4 getting peace and relieving stress

So what would your shirt say if I saw you at the gym?

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Friday, August 19, 2005

I have been wanting to write about this for a week now. I just don't know how to without it being all jumbled. So I decided the kids are sleeping, the laundry is going and I have time to think,write,rewrite,backspace,write and so on...........

In todays world you can't be too careful

Last week one nieghbor noticed a police car parked on our street. The next evening she had asked us if we knew what was going on but we didn't have a clue. Hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary.
So last friday night we(nieghbors) were all out front just hanging,talking and letting the kids play. One of the other nieghbors (has two teenagers) decided to make a late appearance at our little block party (which happen almost weekly). So I,being nosey , asked if she knew since the police car was parked across the street from her house. She knew, the police were at her house. And her story goes like this.....
12:30 AM her 16 y/o son (C) gets home. Her husband thats out of town calls and she hangs up with him. She hears the front door and assumes its C going out to his truck to get something he forgot. So she waits about 5 minutes and doesn't hear the door again . She gets up,door unlocked, opens it and calls for C. She doesn't get an answer so she goes to his room to find him fast asleep. Decides to check on her 14 year old daughter(K) and shes not there.
Wakes C up and tells him to get dressed and grab a flashlight, K is gone. They search the nighborhood on foot thinking she left on foot. Couldn't find her so she gets in her truck and drives around the major streets and still no signs of K. Goes back home and calls their dad,not her husband. And then she calls the police.
Her mom then decides to go through her room, all her clothes,jewelry and what not are still there. She gets on her computer to find an IM between her and this guy.
K got picked up by a 25 year old that she met on the internet.
So my nieghbor and her ex take turns being parked at the end of our street where the road widens but doesn't go anywhere. Its dark and perfect for not being noticed. They were planning on geting the plates of the car that would bring her home.
6am comes around and K's dad is parked and notices her walking down the street.
This guy just dumped her blocks away from home and she had to walk.
So fast foward to this week. K confessed that they did have intercourse.They have the guys real name and address. The detectives are investigating............

You can't be too careful. I feel so bad for my nieghbor. JJ will be 14 in 5 years. Thats going to be here before I know it.
I was talking with my other nieghbor and it sickens me, makes me physically ill. This 25 year old is somebodys son. I have 3 sons and I can't imagine if one of them did something like this as a grown adult.

I hope they catch this perverted bastard.

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

I hope its like riding a bike....UPDATED!

I am going back to the gym for the first time in over 8 months. Towards the end of my pregnancy I was told I had to stop lifting weights because I was burning too many calories. So I did and a month later I was told I could no longer work out at all. I was so depressed. I thought for sure I would get back to the gym a lot sooner than this. The gym doesn't take infants under 6 months. And with T not taking a bottle I don't feel comfortable leaving him. So here it is. Today is the day. I am back. I am hoping Wy doesn't freak and T is content to be held by a complete stranger.

Back when I was addicted to the gym. Yes, addicted. It was an addiction. I had to go. If I didn't I would get cranky and wasn't any fun to be around. It made me feel alive,it was a high for me. I am hoping to get that back.

Some tell me its not an addiction and that one can't become addicted to exercise but I feel they are wrong.
I have butterflies in my stomach and everything. So silly.
I did it!! I got 30 minutes of cardio before I was paged to get the boys. Wy was crying :( and T wouldn't let her do anything but hold him while standing. I wanted to say welcome to my world.
I made an appt. for tomorrow at 4PM for all 4 kids. With JJ and G there the other two should do better.
I'm back,baby!!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I spoke too soon

Image hosted by

I was telling everyone what a great sleeper T had become. Going down at 9 and waking at 12 and 5 and then sleeping untill 8. Last night he decided that paybacks a bitch (see post below) and we were up all night. He just wanted to nurse,fuss and nurse,fuss and nurse and fuss some more.
So I managed to get the lunches made before he woke and here we are,yep you guessed it, nursing again. *yawn*
I continue to remind myself One day they will be grown and I will look back on these days fondly and long to have it back if just for a day.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mom, this isn't a kodak moment!!!!!

Thats what hes thinking anyways. T has decided that he wants to army crawl all the way over and get stuck between the wall and dads recliner about 10 times a day. So I decided it was worthy of a picture. He doesn't seem to remember that he can't go that way. So before i dragged him out (only to watch him head the same way for the 11th time) I got the camera. He's not too happy about it ;-)

I am one that thinks babies are a lot smarter then we give them credit for. After today I am not so sure about T. Hes actually headed back over there as I type this.

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Spammers from hell

Where did they come from? I got spammed about 7 times in two days. What the heck? i also noticed Bav got spammed. Anyone else experiancing spam?
I changed my settings on my comments to see if it would help calm the spammers down. So you now have to be a registered user to comment.

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Monday, August 15, 2005

Yes, I am here under the piles of paperwork

First off, G LOVED his first day. He was so happy at the end of the day. He claims his teacher is REALLY nice.
Drop off went smooth, he hugged me goodbye like he'd been to this classroom before. Mr. Fun got to stay for awhile and he said he seemed right at home. So my nerves weren't as bad as I thought they would be. I actually felt calm.
On the way to school he seemed so little to me, his backpack hanging down past his butt. It was like he had on his daddy's shoes,just didn't look right. Then at pick up it(his backpack) didn't seem so big and out of place. Its like he grew up.

JJ seemed more nervous than any of us. She found some friends,said hello,hugged but wouldn't go play. She told them she wanted to stay by her mom while grabbing T's arm and kissing it(aww,shes so sweet).She saw last years teacher and her face just lit up and she bolted towards her to give her a hug. She got caught up in a sea of students and while all her friends were getting hugs I heard the teacher say"where's Jenna?" So i think the feeling of admiration goes both ways there.
JJ seemed more relaxed after that, the bell rang, we signed I love you and off she went to become a big 4th grader.

Wy was on a waiting list for a preschool. I hadn't heard anything so I thought I would drive over(yes, drive over because I hate the phone,its a phobia) and see where we stood. Turns out, they lost all our information. Couldn't find anything on us but she remembers me because of where Mr. Fun works. So she walks us over to meet his teachers. I just love them. They were so upbeat,kind and down on his level while introducing themselves. Parents night is tomorrow night and the next day is when we go with him to meet his classmates. Its a good thing I went in and didn't just assume we didn't get in. The class is 5 to 1 ratio which pleases me even more.

So I have paperwork times 3 to fill out before tomorrow. I got through most of it already but had to take a break from writing the same thing over and over. same numbers,same names,same insurance information.

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

First day of school jitters

The backpacks and lunch boxes are labeled, school supplies set out ,organized in bags~two for JJ one for G, clothes are out and nerves are going crazy. But they are my nerves not the kids nerves.
I am so nervous for them. I know JJ is going to love it. We found out her teacher is Ms. R. Late last year I went to JJ's teacher and requested that JJ not be placed in a class with a certian friend. I explained that this girl had called and left a disrespectful messages on our answering machine. JJ's teacher was shocked but said she would see what she could do. I heard nothing about it after that. Well, they aren't in the same class this year *happy dance* I got caught doing taht *happy dance* in front of the girls mother. So i tried to cover myself and do another *happy dance* about something else. Not sure she bought it but I don't care. I don't want my daughter around her daughter. I think shes a bit "old" for her age and I am trying my darndest to keep JJ a little girl as long as possible.
G starts all day kindergarten tomorrow. What a long day for such a little guy. He has to eat lunch without me or anyone else hes met before that day. I am so sad. I am doing my best to put on my brave face and be excited about this in front of him. Meanwhile, on the inside my stomach is in knots, my heart feels heavy and tears fill my eyes. Please don't let him see me cry tomorrow. Mr. Fun is staying with him the first 75 minutes of the day and then hes on his own. Oh i am going to be one big ball of nerves untill tomorrow afternoon. I am just hoping he has a great first day and adjust quickly to the all day schedule.

And somebody please tell me I am not the only parent that gets the first day jitters for their kids.

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Realizing its been over a year.

When we decided to move from San Diego to Phoenix it was in the cards that I wouldn't have the crazy schedule I had had for years. I would get to be mommy,only mommy. With baby T on his way, it was nice. No stress over who would watch my daycare kids while on leave, no going back to work when baby is 2 weeks old.
The best part of it all is I am not in the car 4 hours a day taking kids here and picking them up from there. I don't miss the 3 extra kids running around the house 5 days a week or the extra 15-30 kids at the daycare every morning and some nights.
I am not sure I could go back to doing daycare or being a nanny if I had to. It worked out great for the 12 years that I did it but it was time to move on,time to say goodbye to that part of my life. I sometimes think about the kids and wonder who is walking,talking now. Who has started school, learned to read and tie their shoes. I loved the kids and liked my co-workers. I do miss chatting with them every morning but my time was up and I was ready to open another door to a whole new adventure.

That adventure was a rollercoaster of emotions for 4 months. In that 4 months I started to think negative things and started to regret our decision to move away from friends and family. After 4 LONG months Mr. Fun was finally able to join us in our new house and new life. He was home and not going back. This is when friendships started to develope and I finally started loving my new state I hope to hear my kids call *home* one day. This adventure I am on is only getting better as time moves on. So I now know that just because one door closes doesn't mean with effort,a positive additude and prayer, you can't open the door next to it.

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Friday, August 12, 2005

Nursing in public

In the city of Chandler you could get criminal charges brought upon you for indecent exposure if you nurse your baby on city property. This really just peeves me off. Its okay to have your ass hanging out of your shorts or cleavage for the world to see but a baby at your breast where you see nothing is considered indecent exposure. What the hell is wrong with people? They will be in court on September 29th to rule on this. As I see it there shouldn't have to be laws to protect nursing mothers. We are feeding our babies for freaking crying out loud.
If you are uneasy at the sight of a breastfeeding mother feeding her baby then look away, don't stare. Mind your business.
I am not sorry if it makes you uncomfortable to see my baby at my breast. That is your problem,find a way to grow up and get over it. My breast were intended to nurse babies and thats what i'll use them for.
I will nurse my baby anywhere I want. If you don't like it then move on. Ask me to leave and i will cause a scene and in the end win(its happened at a book store and i'm not afraid to stand my ground again).
So all you nursing mothers, take a stand and nurse your baby in public.
Nurse them in the library
Nurse them at the park
Nurse them in a resturant
Nurse them at the water park
Nurse them on a bench
Nurse them at the mall
Nurse them in the grocery store
Nurse them at story hour
Nurse them wherever they happen to get hungry and stand proud!!!!!!

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

What kind of coffee are you?

You are a Black Coffee

At your best, you are: low maintenance, friendly, and adaptable

At your worst, you are: cheap and angsty

You drink coffee when: you can get your hands on it

Your caffeine addiction level: high

Not sure I want to admitt how fitting this is.

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I think I am in hell

Achey all over due to sore breast(also known as plugged milk duct). Add cranky baby thats teething and biting and an extra 18 month old to that and you got yourself a very long day/night.
Heat,massage ,nurse(while biting lip to keep from yelping in pain) and repeat. I thought I would be better today but I'm not that lucky. It seems to have just moved on over to the other side. It really sucks. Still no fever or chills so I am riding this out without the help of meds. Heat,massage,nurse(while biting lip to keep from yelping in pain) and repeat.
Stay tuned......
Its hell, I tell you. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. *crying into my coffe*

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

my thoughts from today......

1~A 5 year old girl (or any girl,imo) shouldn't wear a shirt that states the 5 reasons boys suck.
2~If you are driving a truck thats carrying flammable gas maybe you should not speed and weave in and out of traffic.
3~All kids should wear shoes in the mall.And bikinis are not proper mall attire. I don't care if she is three and won't wear anything else. Don't take her anywhere then.
4~If the light is yellow, i will stop no matter how long you honk your horn at me.
5~I can't pass up starbucks the second time around. (and I thought i was doing so good just walking past it in the 1st mall)
6~Jack in the box is gross. The food taste awful. What a waste of $16.
7~I now remember why we stopped eating fast food.
8~ Stride Rite really needs to offer more shoes in extra wide and carry sandals longer.
9~My kids are awesome little shoppers,love them!!!
10~I need to start carrying my camera on me during monsoon season.
11~I love family restrooms.
12~When hubby tells you he wants to be there when your daughter buys her first day of school outfit,hes serious and not giving you a hard time.
13~I love walking with my nieghbor at night, I hope we can keep it up.
14~Learn to merge onto a freeway before attempting to do so.
15~Do not and i repeat DO NOT rely on your children to let you know your zipper is down while shopping.

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Monday, August 08, 2005

Parent guilt

This afternoon its just Wy,T and I. JJ and G went over to a friends. It always makes me sad because Wy also loves G's best friend. Nancy (the mom) is more than willing to take Wy too. The three boys play really well together. But I feel its good for them to be seperated and get a break from eachother. They do love eachother and play great together 99% of the time. Summer is coming to a close and they have been together 24/7 so i made the executive(i like to think of myself as the executive of this family, makes me feel worthy,lol) decision to keep Wy with me.
Then the guilt set in after a few minutes of crocodile tears and a very sad voice saying"i really wanted to go with cam, I like it at cam's house" over and over. He could of easily went to cam's house and played but i said no and i have to stick to that even though I sort of regret it now.
I am trying to keep the balance. I am trying to teach them that just because one gets something doesn't mean they all have to get something. Or like today, just because two get a playdate doesn't mean they all get a playdate. But thats hard to understand when you are three. I am trying..........

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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Got Ink?

I have been watching the reality show Inked on A&E. I am only on the 3rd episode out of 6 right now. Last night Mr. Fun came home and he had to turn it off because it gave him the itch to get another. I agree, it made my desire for another tattoo even stronger.
I have one, he has three. I always tell him it isn't fair because I have had my second tattoo picked out for several months. See the problem is you shouldn't get a tattoo while pregnant or nursing. The last time we went down to Tucson I was pregnant with T. So Mr. Fun recieved his third tattoo. And here I am with only one.
A few months back Mr. Fun was wanting to get his fourth but I reminded him that its my turn so he never did go. But a couple weeks later we made a deal. If he bought me a surburban then he could get as many as he wanted. See I can't get one untill I wean T, which is at least 7 months away. So here it is months later and I am driving a suburban(no freakung way). When I made this deal I truely didn't think I would ever get a suburban but I have one and do you know how many tattoos one could get in 7 months? Well, not too many since its a two hour drive for us. Its just eating away at me. I want that tattoo.
Why are tattoos like potato chips to some? You can't have just one.

I wanted my first tattoo back when I was 20 or so. I didn't get one untill I was 29. I am glad I waited for the one i would of got back then would of been of something i don't like now (a disney character).
Do you have a tattoo? Do you regret getting it?

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

I changed

I loved the picture so much that i wanted to use it so i could see it everyday. Don't laugh for i did this all by myself,no help. Though I probably could use it. But I am proud for its the first thing like this that I have done.
So now that I am learning don't be surprised to see change often. I love to change things up. I hated always asking for help. I felt like i was buggin'.I will miss my fairy but untill I get really good and can add her back in with pictures she will be MIA ;-)

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I don't like anything about it

Today was an end of the season party for G. He recieved his trophy and got to hang with his team one last time. It was at the dreaded Peter Piper Pizza. My head started pounding the second we walked in the door. The noise is just too much for me. The out of control kids drives me crazy. Just because it is a place for children doesn't mean its okay to let your children run wild. Then theres the germ factor, it freaks me out. I am not a huge gemaphobe but come on, that place is gross. We let the kids play,we ate, we got trophys and a team picture.The kids wanted to play just a bit more so off they ran. All the while I stress over where they are. Its time to leave and G's friend can't find his trophy. He set it down somewhere and it wasn't there when he went back to get it. So I take G's and ask if anyone turned one of them in. Nothing :( So one more look around and nothing. His mom left her number in case it gets found or someone does the right thing and turns it in. I felt so bad for him, he was really sad. Why would someone let their child keep something that was obviously someone elses and something special? I always here"whats wrong with children these days?" Its not the children, its the parents not caring enough or being too busy to correct,guide and discipline their children. I saw enough of that today to convince anyone. Granted some children are more challenging and more likely to get in trouble but ignoring it doesn't make it right.

We were there 90 minutes and that was 80 minutes too long. I would never take my kids there if it wasn't for these crazy caoches and sports organizations having pictures and parties there.
And I may complain about it but this picture makes the headache and whatever illness we may pick up worth it :)

That smile says it all. Its his fourth trophy,first basketball one. He was so extremely proud to get it.

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Friday, August 05, 2005

There is no sign that says I can't be here

Did some shopping this evening. Nothing fun just diapers,wipes and such. We were in Target a long time because a monsoon hit. Didn't feel like getting soaking wet while trying to get everything in the truck. The rain let up, we check out, we get on the road and T decides its time to eat. Screaming for the boob!!! Nothing else will comfort him or stop his screams so I pull over in a bank parking lot. Yes, the bank is closed but all the better. I pull in sideways as I was just going to nurse T and be on our way.
A security gaurd comes around the corner after I unbuckle T. I am just about to latch him on when this cranky older woman shines a bright light directly into my eyes. She approaches my window, T is contently nursing by now,I roll my window down. She doesn't ask what i am doing or anything. She says "you can't stay here" I politely tell her "Hes eating and when hes done we will be on our way" She replies with "mam, ( i hate being called this,btw) I didn't ask and i don't care what hes doing you can't sit here,move on NOW" Okay I am bit peeved and looking around hard for a sign that says no trespassing or something. I see nothing. So I tell her this and she has the nerve to say "you don't want me to get the police invovled,do you? " My blood is now boiling because I know theres no reason i can't sit in this bank parking lot across the street from a major mall to nurse my baby. I told her to go ahead and call the police because my two other boys in the back would get a kick out of it. She didn't care for this response and shined the light in the back of the truck and then directly in my eyes and says "hurry it up." and started to walk away. I then shouted "i can't make a breastfeeding baby hurry it up." (not one of my prouder moments but it had to be said)
I believe she was just on some power trip for the night. And to prove my point (because i can be a bitch like that) to her, I changed his diaper before heading out. All the while she is standing about 100 yards away watching us.
I realize its her job to gaurd the bank and what not but she could of asked why I was sitting there with my engine on or why I had a baby in the front seat with me. But she chose to be rude about it.
On a much sweeter note, we used T's chubby seat for the first time. He loved it. I highly recommend them.

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Innocent feet

They'll never be this small again. I am trying to enjoy every moment of their little lives. Soaking it up. Remebering all the laughter and forgetting the tears.

Now its dolls,barbies, hotwheels,rescue heros and baby toys. Before I know it it will be fighting over the car, late night phone calls, broken hearts, curfew fights and homework issues.

I am off to soak up that baby smell while I can and beg for a kiss or two from a busy preschooler, get a raise of an eyebrow from a kindergartener and a sweet smile from my not so baby girl.

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Thursday, August 04, 2005

I want one too....

Me~Do you want pink or orange?
Wy~ I want blue!!!!
Me~We only have pink or orange
Wy~ (jumping up and down excited as can be) I want a blue one!!
Me~ Wy, we only have pink or orange
Wy~ (as innocent as it gets) Do we have blue?
Me~ (trying to hold back laughter) I said we only have pink or orange,which flavor? PINK OR ORANGE??
Wy~ (with a sad face) We don't have any blue ?
Me~ Wyatt, i just said we have pink or orange
Wy~(staring at the pink and orange) I really wanted blue
Me~ We don't have blue, you don't have to have one but if you do its gotta be pink or orange.
Wy~I want pink.

Next time i'll buy blue :)

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Trying to get back into it........

Kind of stopped with the photography. Not sure why but lately the itch has hit to get the camera out and get some pics now that T is sitting. I found out that he moves a lot when hes sitting and its very hard to get a pic thats not blurry. But here are a few that turned out.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

What you looking at?

This mantis was on top of the truck last night. It was so cool. J also caught a frog. Posted pics here.
We also caught a queen termite, those things are huge but no picture to share, sorry.

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J took the truck today

Wouldn't it figure that after we trade the van in for the truck his car dies *rolleyes* So hes been riding his motorcycle to work. Well its 105 here on a cool day so the poor guy sweats all the way there and home. Last night i was feeling nice and in the cleaning mood. So i told him "hey, i don't have anywhere to go tomorrow, so you can take the burb(yes, we call it the burb) to work" As soon as i said it i regretted it. I started to feel trapped already. The fact is since 1998 when we became a two car family i have been able to come and go as I please. Today I can't. I have no where to be or any errands that must be done today but i have this overwhelming feeling to get out of the house. Run the errands that can wait for tomorrow.
So why is that when you can't do something you have a desire to do it? I should take today and get the kids rooms back in order, laundry done and house dusted. The baby is sleeping, the boys are playing legos, JJ is reading a book and here i sit. I look around, this desk could use some help. Should i try to help it? Yes i should but why? Its just going to get messy and unorganized in a couple days.

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Monday, August 01, 2005

Turn ons and Turn offs

Kari tagged me..... My first tag *woohoo* Its a blogger milestone!!
Turn Ons
2~a sexy voice
3~kisses from behind
4~smartass personality
5~well behaved children
8~working out
9~clean/organized house
10~great sales
I could add more to this list like photography and coffee ;-)

Turn offs
1~bad service
2~unmatched clothes
3~dirty faces
4~long hair (on men, of course)
5~rude comments
6~stares while nursing my baby
7~gold jewelry
8~unkept children
10~bad/rude drivers

I tag Andrea and Cathy and J

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