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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Time to freak out...

I have two clients scheduled for tomorrow. One at 10 AM and the other 6 PM. The first is a newborn shoot and her big sister. The other is for two brothers, ages one and four.
This is what I wanted and now that it's here I am doubting myself.
I am worried about my kids. How am I going to balance this career and four kids. Will I have to find a babysitter to watch my children? I've always been the babysitter, never needed one. I was hoping to work it around Mr. Fun's schedule but the holidays are a busy time in retail and photography.
Now if my mom or inlaws would get their act together and move out here this wouldn't be something to worry about. Though it may never be an issue, I may not succeed. So I tell the voices in my head to shut up and worry about it *IF* it ever needs to be addressed.

it seems blogger is eating my old posts, not happy.

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