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Friday, May 26, 2006

When their heart breaks your heart breaks

It started with two awards. One for straight A's and one for her kindness and helpfullness. Then came the award she was most proud of, the one she strived for. Her teacher says "only one student in my class received perfect attendance" I got my camera out, ready to shoot and her teacher called a name that shocked us both. It wasn't hers. She looked back at me with tears in her eyes. I didn't know what to do, I just put my arms up. Her friend put her arm around her and I could tell my baby was sobbing.
I decided to ask the teacher, she got up immediately to check the list. Meanwhile I call JJ over to wipe the tears away and let her know it was going to be okay and that we know she didn't miss a day. By this time I was crying and hadn't noticed my two other children were in the girls restroom. I sent her back to her seat and rounded up the boys. We waited for what seemed like a long time. Her teacher approached me with a list. It showed JJ missed .5 days in April. My blood started to boil. I couldn't believe that she didn't reach her goal for missing an hour and forty five minutes of school. So I went up to the office to confirm. Turns out if they leave school before 1:05 PM they get marked absent for half a day even if second attendance was already turned in. They take attendance twice a day and JJ told me she would not leave school before the second one went up to the office. I thought I arranged it perfectly. I picked her up at 12:45PM and made sure that second attendance was already at the office. She said it was and was willing to go. Had she known that she would get marked absent she would of went back to class because I didn't have to pick her up that early it was just more convenient for me.
MAN, do I feel like crap???? If I would of waited twenty more minutes her heart wouldn't of broke. TWENTY more minutes of school was all she needed for perfect attendance. STUPID STUPID STUPID TWENTY times over.
Rewind a bit.... As I was waiting for Ms. snotty pants to look JJ up in the computer I looked down at the flyer put in every report card. It shows who was on Principles List and it has G's name instead of JJ's. I spoke up and said "Somebody screwed up, my sons name is on here instead of my daughters, hes in kindergarten" Ms. snotty pants apologized and said that it's too late to do anything now and offered to print up the list with JJ's name on it so she could have one for memories. I let her knowing that it would just get thrown out.
Then it gets worse. Yes, it does. After picking G up we went over to get JJ and someone stole her camera. It was on the table along with 3-5 other cameras. She saw it when they returned from the awards cermony. So someone from her class took it from the time they got back to the time the bell rang, 10 minutes tops.I am disgusted that someone would do that. So JJ and I had a rollercoaster of a day. BUT we are okay, we know she received perfect attendance and whoever stole her camera will get what's coming to them. The churro helped too ;-)

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