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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thirteen Things about Mrs. Fun

1~That's not me in the picture below with T ;) I am rarely in front of the camera.
2~My favorite color is pink. Not for decorating though. I prefer earth tones for that.
3~I don't drink milk very often but when I do I like it.
4~Two of my boys now have mohawks. I think they look so freakin' cute.
5~I have to go to Costco, Target and the PO today.
6~My daughter is receiving 3 awards today at school. I am so proud of her. She has worked really hard this year.
7~Been having really weird dreams lately. So weird they wake me up.
8~I have watched the following movies since Mother's Day
~Rumor Has It
~TheFamily Stone
~Monster In Law
~History of Violence
~Kicking and Screaming
~March of the Peguins(put all four kids to sleep in the middle of the day)
Thats more movies than I have watched in the last year.
9~I grind my teeth in my sleep, gives me earaches.
10~Today is the last day of school. Can I get a woot woot!!!!!
11~Starting Saturday I will get the pleasure of experiencing age four for the third time. I am very excited. Hoping four is a better year for Wy and us.
12~Why oh why did I let those kids talk me into baking cookies for no reason other then to pig out on them?
13~I don't like when shows/movies work backwards, bugs me fo some unknown reason.

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