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Life ain't always beautiful but it's a beautiful ride...

Monday, October 31, 2005

Heard of Bad Santa? Well I got Mad Santa

more pictures to follow. I just don't have a lot of time right now and our PC has a stupid stupid stupid virus.

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

I interrupt this blog to say....

I'm getting my camera today,I'm getting my camera today, I'm gettng my camera today!

My mom will be here today!!!!! Not sure when but today sometime!!!!! I am so beside myself with excitement. Its killing me that I can't talk about it in front of the kids. Grandma wants to surprise them.

And did you hear??? I'm getting my camera today!! WOOHOO!!

Stay tuned..................

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Thirteen Things about Mrs. Fun

1~ I stayed up way too late last night, just wasn't sleepy untill 2AM!
2~I think my third child was switched at birth. Hes so different than my other kids.
3~We are trying to decide what to do with the room that is currently the office. We need more kid space. We may get rid of the PC all together and just have the laptop or we might move the desk into our bedroom. Not sure if the office will be just a playroom or someones bedroom. Decisions Decisions!
4~I keep telling myself I am going to walk in the mornings but so far that hasn't happened.
5~Mr. Fun thinks I am spoiled, I think I'm loved.
6~I woke up with a sore throat today, that sucks.
7~Sunday will not come soon enough for me. Screw Halloween, i'm gettin' a new camera!
8~I shouldn't be sitting here because I have a lot going on today and one includes a visitor so I must clean up the clutter of this house.
9~I am disappointed that we didn't get to a pumpkin patch this year for pictures. All the patches here suck, they aren't any bigger than my living room.
10~I only have decaf coffee left in the house, that sucks even more than the above.
11~I don't understand why people are rude to strangers.Seriously, i can see being rude to someone you know that has pissed you off but a innocent strangers?
12~Sitting here nursing the babe thinking hes getting so big. Soon it will be time to wean and i'm a bit torn on when and how.
13~I'm getting a new camera Sunday! My mom rocks!
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Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I have the best Mom, she rocks!!

She is currently in posession of a Canon 20D. Yes, you read that right, no need to stop and rub your eyes and reread it. It will still be true!!! My mom bought me my dream camera. Oh my baby, I can't wait to hold it,play with it. Oh how my children are going to hate me for having a camera in their faces even more.
Wouldn't you know it, she tells me this after we cancelled our trip back there. Gosh darn it!! We just have too much going on. G's best friends birthday party is Sunday. We have to carve our 6 pumpkins and Mr. Fun really wants to head south for a tat. But my mom has once again went out of her way and is planning to come here on Sunday. Okay, shes really coming because she wants to see her Grandchildren on Halloween but I like to think its just because she knows how badly I want that camera.

I will leave you with some pictures. Maybe the last pictures you will ever see taken by my beloved sony.


and in case you missed it.... MY MOM BOUGHT ME A NEW CAMERA!!!!!!! YEEHAW!!!!
Thanks mom,hugs and kisses!!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Wheres the whiskey when you need it?

Perhaps I need a blog just for Wy and his tantrums. Again, i was faced with a battle that I had to fight. I couldn't close my eyes and pretend he wasn't screaming.
We were in public, a nice quiet store where his screams could be heard throughout.
I wanted to hide, I wanted to shut him up, I wanted to pretend he wasn't mine but a friend I was babysitting.
I had to have JJ carry T out with G following close behind. I carried him out,kicking,screaming,hitting. I wrestled him and finally got him buckled in the stroller. He fought his way out by the time we reached the burb. He then decided to run for it. I couldn't believe it. Hes never ran from me. I had to chase after him carrying T. I finally got him in the burb and he climbed into the front seat to try to get out. Hes smart like that, he knows the doors don't open from the inside in the back.
By this time I was over the top, I had lost my cool, I was so upset with him. I tried to buckle him but he kept kicking me. I took his shoes off but still couldn't get him buckled. I decided I would act as if I was driving off. I got the reaction I hoped for. He wanted to be buckled so I buckle him and he then starts to choke and threw up all over. Not because hes sick but because he had screamed so hard for so long.
And this after I had spent the afternoon with him at his school. We had such a fun time at the little carnival they put on. We played games, we talked and he was such a sweet well behaved little boy.
Then just 2 hours later..................all hell broke loose.

I got some dirty looks and some sympathatic smiles. One lady even asked if she could help. I wanted to crawl in a hole, I really did. I was so embarrased. My children just don't act like this, I don't allow it. HA HA!! Okay, JJ and G don't act this,niether one of them have ever acted out. They listen and behave, they are quiet when told to be. But then theres Wy, you say quiet he shows you how loud he can be. *sigh*

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For the curious

T is going to be the best dressed baby in town *wink* I just couldn't help myself.
Now to cross fingers they get here by Thursday afternoon so I can pack some for our trip to San Diego. *jumping up and down* You heard that right, we are headed west once again. Mr. Fun and the kids happen to have a 3 day weekend again so we are taking advantage of it!!!!

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

The curse of Wy-guy

Here I sit typing this. Wy is at the doorway claiming hes hungry. I give him a banana. Thats his only choice since its bedtime. He says he doesn't like bananas "BULLSHIT" He eats them all the time. But I play along and ask what else he wants. He claims he doesn't know. I knew this would be the answer because hes not really hungry. Hes just being Wy and trying to prolong bedtime. He has to challenge everything and disagree with every thing I say. We butt heads all day long.
Usually bedtime isn't a real challenge. Tonight has been a different story. It started with the pull-up. He still wears one to bed because I know the night I don't put ot on him he'll have an accident. He doesn't want to put it on and I am willing to go with it on ONE condition. That condition is that he uses the bathroom before bed. He refuses and says he doesn't have to pee. Fine, then we put the pull up on. He refuses. So I fight and struggle with him and finally realize I can just put it on him after hes asleep. But then he thinks hes won this battle that I shouldn't of fought in the first place *sigh* Remember to pick your battles, some aren't worth the fight. This is one of them.
And now with the food before bed.
I GIVE UP!!!!!!!!! I just give up!!!! I try so hard and get nothing. I have a VERY long road ahead of me with this child.

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Ebay Rush


I get such a rush when I am stalking an auction I really want to win. Then when I win in the last seconds I get all giddy. I just won an auction I have had my eye on for days! I am so excited!! It makes up for the other two auctions I simply forgot about and then threw a fit when i saw how little they went for.
Okay off to stalk more auctions from the same seller, you save on shipping that way. *wink*

Then theres the seller rush, two bidders that get in a bidding war in the last minutes of your auction. Everytime you refresh it the bid is higher. Gotta love that.

Do you ebay?

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Friday, October 21, 2005

NINE months old!!!

Hard for me to grasp that nine months has past since we brought Prince T home. I tried to do his 9 month pictures today but hes just not in the mood. I got one good one. I suppose thats enough. Okay its not so I will try again once he feels better.

To answer a couple questions....

Thats a mirror that i am looking into in the second pic. And i am the one taking the pic, i just cropped out the camera.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Thank Goodness I Have Good Coffee

And I thought life was crazy before. The trip was fun. Didn't get to the beach. The rain and sick kids made it impossible.I highly discourage anyone from traveling with sick kids. Did get to enjoy Balboa Park though. That place is amazing.
T is needing breathing treatments every four hours and Wy's night terrors don't seem to be easing up. The house is a disorganized mess. I haven't slept more than 5 hours a night in over 2 weeks and thats not 5 straight hours.
But i am still here and thought I would let the blog world know.
My head is barely sticking out from the pile of laundry and papers that clutter this house.I find myself getting everything half done before I am needed by someone to do something else. So I stop what I am doing and do a breathing treatment,nurse a baby,change a diaper,wipe a butt, find a shoe, make lunch,read a book, clean up lunch, go to dance, T-ball practice, check homework, make dinner,read a book, get a tickle in, change a diaper,clean up dinner, nurse a baby and by the time I get back to what I was doing it its been undone *sigh*
If you know a professional organizer that works for free send them my way *wink*

Here are just a few of favorites pics I took on our trip.

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Friday, October 14, 2005

My Life

Life is messy
Life is busy
Life is crazy
Life is hectic
Life is frustrating
Life is stressful

And I am still trying to enjoy the small stuff.

Kisses and hugs
Watching the sunset with friends
A Sleeping baby
A night out with the family
Swinging with the kids at the playground
Watching a baby experience grass for the first time
JJ buying her brothers a book at the book fair with her own money
Ben & Jerry's ice cream (okay maybe i've been enjoying this a bit too much)
The smell of clean kids in clean warm fresh out of the dryer jammies (YUM)
Holding hands with the man of my dreams
The ability to go from blonde to red in just a couple of hours
Jeans that make you look and feel skinnier than you are, must be that ice cream
Off for a 3 day weekend by the beach to slow life down by a gear or two.....

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Music Tuesday

New releases came out today. I usually don't pay attention to Music Tuesday. Mr. Fun looks fowrad to it. This week was a special week however. Gary Allans CD came out. Tough All Over. I love it, its very Gary. He didn't stray from his style like the song Putting my Misery On Display says he won't. The CD reflects what hes been through the last year. His wife killed herself October 2004. Songs like I Just Got Back From Hell and Puttin' Memories Away make me feel his pain. The whole CD is great and gets two thumbs up from me.
The last concert we attended was his in September 2004. The same day we found out that T was a boy. I hope that we get to see him next time around.

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Mom, if you aren't in the mood for a real good cry,please don't read. I love you!!!

Who you'd be today by Kenny Chesney

I heard this song for the first time last night (to Mr. Funs amazement because he's had it on itunes for a long while now) and it hit way too close to home.
Its amazes me that the pain can be so strong after so many years.
My brother was 19 when he died. It was a shock, I was only 14. Looking back I had no idea how it would impact my life. Theres not a day that goes by that i don't think "what if?". I look at my children, my heart aches to see my brother holding them, playing with them. I wonder if I would be "Aunt Misti" by now or if he would just be "Uncle DJ" that spolied my kids because he didn't have any.

I remember the last conversation I had with him like it was yesterday. It was on his birthday, He was so excited about his new motorcycle, i think it was the first "brand new" motorcycle he had owned. The ones before were used. So he couldn't wait to take me for a ride. We had plans to ride up the coast. That ride never happened. I never did get a chance to ride with him on that motorcycle. I remember him saying "you moving out here after the school year ends,right?" But I can't remember the sound of his voice . No matter how hard I try or how badly I want to. Time has taken that from me but left the pain just as strong as if I was 14.

The one question I hate to be asked, the one question that puts a pit of cement in my stonmach everytime, the question I still stumble on when asked is "do you have any siblings?". I still don't know how to answer that. I know the answer is yes but then the following question come. Brother,sister,age and all those things that normal people are curious about. I still stumble and hold back the tears.

The phone call came in the late evening. It was my mom. She told me not to go to school tomorrow. That she would be there as early as she could. I was confused. My cousins and I talked late into the night pondering what could be going on. Was it one of our cousins,was it DJ? what happened. I knew though. I knew deep down it was my brother and I knew something horrible had happened. I didn't sleep well that night. The next morning my mom and step dad arrived. The only thing i remember is running around the living room. I didn't cry. I remember screaming but no tears.
I needed to get to the school to get my best friend,Kaci Ladd. She and my brother were close, they liked to flirt. I always thought they would end up together.
I called my boyfriend at the time to come get me. (he just happened to be suspended so he was home)
Walking through those big doors,into the office. The smell just hits you that this is a school. I told the secertary what was going on, they tried to kick my boyfriend out because he wasn't allowed to be on campus.(I promise he wasn't a loser) I demanded he stay. Kaci finally came through those doors and no words had to be said.
I don't remember the rest of that day.

to be continued.................

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Halloween Candy

I love all candy except candy corn and any candy remotely close to it. Thats why I buy it. My kids can get a little treat and I won't pig out on it.
If theres any sort of sweet in the house I will eat it. I have no self control, nada,zero,zip when it comes to sweets. So I don't buy them. My kids have finally learned that asking for sweets is a lost cause. Sometimes I feel nice and buy them muffins. So Halloween is going to be such a treat for them.

Whats your favorite kind of candy,if any?

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Friday, October 07, 2005

Going back home

Saying that seems weird to me. Home was always where I was, growing up. I never felt a sense of longing for where I lived prior. Maybe it was because we moved a lot. I remember moving every year. The longest we lived in a house was 3rd-5th grade and then moving to another state after that. I think I grew up a lot that summer. I don't remember saying goodbye to my old friends. I do remember the trip out.
We had two cats, a dog and kittens (not sure the #). Our car broke down in the middle of the desert in June. It was hot and some elderly couple picked us up,saved us. We lived in Las Vegas in an apartment for the summer before moving to Henderson to start school. And that was home, that city became my home. But we still had one more state to conquer.
After moving to California, that was my home. But life happened and I moved back to Henderson and lived with my Aunt and 3 cousins. Again, I felt at home. After graduation, I moved back to California. I was home, home for good, so I thought. In 2004, I moved to Utan(where i was born and lived out the first 11 yrs of life) with my fiance(not Mr. Fun). HUGE mistake (other than meeting my best friend) and 3 months later I was back in California,home. Fast foward to now,living in Arizona for over a year and California is still my home.
I told a friend I was going back home next weekend. As I was saying it, it struck me funny. (i've typed it but never said it out loud) I consider here,my home, our home. I doubt that I will ever return to California to live. I moved here with the intentions of raising my children here,same house,same schools, no more moving.
So why is California still home to me? Maybe because my mom is there, shes not with me this time. Why not say, I was going to visit family next weekend? I couldn't, even now after writing about it. Its back home to me.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

We must be lizards

Tonight we had our first T-ball practice for Wy. Mr. Fun and I were sitting there watching and chatting. We both agreed how nice it was outside and how cool it felt.
I get in the burb and its 92 degrees. This was at 6:30 PM. Later, around 9PM, I was taking the trash out I thought I should make some coffee and curl up with a blanket. I walk in to find Mr. Fun in his chair with a blanket over him.
Are you a lizard or more like a polar bear ?

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

So now what?

The doctors office called twice today. The first one was bad news left on my machine. Who leaves bad news on a machine? So the second time they called I answered. This time it was good news.
My blood work all came back in the normal range. This means my blood sugars are stable, my iron isn't low and so on.
The news I recieved on my machine is that the ultrasound shows that I have some ovarian cysts and to call my ob/gyn. I don't have an ob/gyn with this insurance. Wish me luck on finding a good one.
But now I know why I am having the symptoms I am and the reason I feel the way I do.
I feel a little lost. I have always been healthy and never hit with such news. I did my research on the net. I found that this can be nothing and the cysts won't have to be removed. It could just go away all by itself. Then it could be the other extreme and be cancer.
So there is my update on me.

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Number Three

If theres anything I miss about our house in San Diego it would be the mailbox.
You know the mailbox that sat on the edge of the yard,no locks,no key required. Just walk out in your jammies if you want to get the mail.
When we moved into this house we were left three mail keys. And for three days I haven't seen a darn one. We were down to one. The other two are long gone. Now it seems number three has joined them.
Of course everyone is blaming someone else for losing it. So the mail hasn't been checked in three days. I believe theres a package with my name on it locked away in that tiny silver box. So I have hunted high and low!! The last few times number three was lost it showed up in the dryer. Well, I did all the laundry yesterday and number three is still lost.
Tell me, if you were number three where would you be?

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Update on T

I am sorry I was so vague in the other post. Just think about it brings tears to my eyes. Writing about it was even harder.
T is fine. They think it was carpet he was choking on. All the edges of our carpet are loose and if you pick at it you can get pieces of it. T somehow figured this out. I have pulled carpet out of his mouth before. This time it was too far back.
At first I thought it was paper because I have three older children that don't always understand you must throw things away. But it was carpet. So now what? I guess we could pull up all our carpet. *sigh*
So the wait begins for that carpet to be found in a diaper *ewww* And if not we go back in.

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Holding my babies a bit tighter

911 was called from our phone yesterday. Unlinke the other times it wasn't an accident by one of the kids playing with the phone or the cordless phone freaking out. It was real. The fear was rushing through me.
I heard a very panicked MOM!!!! from JJ. I went running in the living room where I found baby T red in the face and silent. He wasn't breathing. I yelled for the phone,JJ dialed 911 and T started to fuss a little color came back. No sooner was I talking to the fire department did he start to turn red, eyes watering and and silence again. I was told to keep him upright,do not stick my fingers in his mouth or pound on his back(which i had already done). After hanging up he started to breathe,slow shallow breathes but he was breathing.
The EMT's arrived, I called Mr. Fun to come home and to make a long scarey story short. T is okay. He has a follow up appointment today.

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Saturday, October 01, 2005 is a good day

Doing my usually routine,making coffee,nursing a baby,pouring cereal.Yes, sometimes all at the same time.On a good day you can also find me doing the hokey pokey for some laughs that are slowly being replaced by "mom,you are so weird" looks. I decided to be a little different today. Instead of drinking my sanity juice while surfing the net I went out and fetched the paper. I picked out the Phoenix section by chance. Open to page two and what do i see, a picture taken by me that I submitted last week. I was so excited. I couldn't believe it. They pick only four each week and mine was one of them. What are the chances of that?


Yes, you caught me, I didn't pick that section up by chance, i was hoping to see it there.

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