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Monday, June 12, 2006

Clearly not their favorite....

My older boys are not ones to hold back. They let me know I am not good enough. They want daddy. They want to know twenty times a day when dad will be home. This doesn't happen a lot. Usually when he's working long hours for days in a row. Which is what is happening right now.
I try to not let it bug me but it stings a little when your child is hurt and all you hear between the sobs is "I want daddy".
The other day G was sick, really sick. But he managed to get out "i want daddy" about fifty times. He didn't want me touching him or wiping the throw up off his chin. He says "i can do it, i want daddy". And of course by the time he saw daddy he was all better.
Today Wy got a tummy ache. I tried to hold him and comfort him but he wanted down. Told me he wanted daddy to come home so he could cuddle with daddy. *sigh* Long heavy *sighs*
I try to think of this as a good thing. My kids obvisiouly have a hands on dad
that rocks their world. That isn't a bad thing. Its something I never had, however.

But I can't blame them for wanting daddy..

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