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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thirteen Things about Mrs. Fun

1~Summer has been busier then I thought it would be so far.
2~I have a very serious Suns fan.
One serious Suns fan
3~I have been in a workout funk lately. So Mr. Fun bought me some new workout clothes. He thought it would help. How sweet is that?
4~I may have my first photo order from my first PB shoot. I am so excited.
5~I am fed up with the pimples,zits,volcano sized dots on my face.
6~I went to visit my friend in Tucson and took advantage of her three girls being willing to smile for the camera. I got some beautiful captures.
7~That same friend is also very close to moving up here. I can't tell you how excited I am.
8~My hair started falling out again, its gross how much hair I lose in a day.
9~We watched Wedding Crashers last night, I enjoyed it. I also rented In Her Shoes last week and enjoyed i. Wasn't as good as the book. But it never is.
10~My PB shoot for tonight was rescheduled due to baby falling and having a bruise on his head. I could edit it out but told her I would perfer to reschedule and she agreeed. So now I get to go with Mr. Fun and the kids to pick our new seats for the Coyotes.
11~My T key on the laptop does not work right. If I am missing any T's you'll have o deal with it.
12~Someimes I wish I didn't have to feed my kids, it seems they do nothing but eat.
13~My house is a mess, as always I can't keep up and it makes me grumpy.

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