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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dear Ms. ultrasound tech

Yes, in the perfect world a stay at home mom without family or many friends in the same state could get a babysitter in less than 24 hours. Maybe you have forgotten its not the perfect world. This exam was ordered by my doctor as URGENT!! No, I do not wish to reschedule when my children aren't with me.
The next time you feel the need to tell me to get a babysitter before you have even experienced my children,think twice. I know my children and I know when they have to behave they will.
If you feel the need to sigh,roll your eyes and shake your head at me, do it behind my back. Now you have a written complaint against you. Won't look too good come review time, I hope.
Yes, I have not had a period in over a year due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Sorry if you disagree with it and think I am "one of those". Whatever that means.
People like you should not have a career taking care of women that just may have children and breastfeed them.
I am not sorry that I brought my children,I'll do it again if I have to. My three year old was an angel, didn't make a peep. He sat in the chair,hands in lap and looked around. Not one question, not once did he try to get up or even talk to me.
My eight month old sat in his stroller snacking on his cheerios and made maybe five happy very soft coo sounds through the whole 20 minute exam.My children DID NOT interfere with the exam in any way, shape or form. You could barely tell they were there. So why did you not give me a towel to clean up or say have a nice day as you left the exam room? Why didn't you make eye contact with me on the way out?
Why did you feel the need to be such a condescending bitch?

Hope to see you again when I have all four of my children with me,
Mrs. Fun

Other than the bitch, everything went smoothly and hopefully I will get my test results sooner than later.

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Can I skip today?

I have a fasting glucose test followed by an ultrasoud.(no,i'm not pregnant)
I have to take PB cookies to Mr. Funs work that i haven't baked yet.
Its associates day at Mr. Funs work so of course I have to find time to shop.
Going by the police station to talk about the idiots who think my street is a raceway.
Supposed to stay and help the other moms for the fall carnival at Wy's school but i just can't. And I don't like them anyways.
Laundry should of been done yesterday.
I don't get my coffee this morning...........GRRRRRRR This mother bear is grumpy, stay back!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It was our first monsoon

We had only lived in Arizona a couple months. We were still adjusting to the heat and living apart from Mr. Fun. I was on the computer surfing around to keep my sanity. It was late, 11pm and the storm was coming in strong. I heard the alarm chime and then I heard it beep and chime again. This all meaning a window or door had been open, shut and opened again. I get up with phone in hand. I am walking around the house checking on all the kids. I dial Mr. Funs cell and hes at work in San Diego . I tell him the story and he has me go to the alarm pad to see if I could tell which door or window had opened. Just as I am looking at it the patio french doors fly open.
I screamed so loud Mr. Fun was running across his office to dial 911. He wasn't thinking that I was in another state. I believe he felt a bit helpless at the time. He described it as the worst feeling.
But I composed myself pretty quickly and realized it was the wind.
The doors aren't hanging right so to lock the doors is a chore. Here I am 3-4 months pregnant 400 miles away from my husband and family. Our one and only friend at the time was out of town. I couldn't get the damn doors locked. I was cussing up my own storm. I decided to just put our chaise longue in front of the doors. I turn around to find Wy standing there and I screamed again. He cried, I cried. The lights flicker. The power goes out.........
Mr. Fun drove out that night. Loaded up on Red Bulls and snickers. He arrived around 4 am and I have never been so happy to see him.

Now you might think this would ruin the enjoyment thunder and lightening brings me.But its the oppipsite. With every monsoon this season I was more and more thankul to have Mr. Fun by my side. Monsoon season has come to end. I am already looking foward to next season.

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Sunday, September 25, 2005


I am convinced these will be T's first words. Theres 8 kids that play on this street often. 3 of them belong to me. We live on a semi dead end street. I say semi because our street doesn't go through,theres a block wall at the end. But you can turn right onto a street that leads back out to the main road.
The speed limit is 25 mph. This is too fast. I wish it was 15 mph. Anyways....
We do allow our kids to be in the street. They play wiffle ball,they ride their bikes,they toss a football and yes,they even cross the street while playing hide and go seek. But we have a safety concern. Cars whip up and down this street like they are trying to qualify. We always yell "CAR" whenwe see a car so the kids know. And even if our kids weren't allowed to play these games in the street kids are kids and they aren't always thinking. If a ball goes rolling out into the street 99.9 % of the time the kids stop. Theres always that chance that a kid isn't going to be thinking and some idiot driving over the speed limit is going to be coming around the corner. This is a nieghborhood and kids should be allowed to play. We have a small "caution,children at play sign" but sometimes cars either don't see it or don't care.
Last night we had an incident that still has me a bit fired up. A car came around the corner and was easily going 35 mph,easily. So i stepped out into the street. He slowed but didn't stop. There were 6 parents out at the time and we all yelled SLOW DOWN!! About 15 minutes later this guy comes back in a different car with a buddy,races up where we are,slams on his brakes and yells "the speed limit is 25,keep your fucking kids out of the street" First off,our kids weren't anywhere near the street when he came around that corner,thank goodness (they were actually in the house getting a treat)and second he was going over the speed limit. They take off while flipping us the bird. How immature can you get? I also wonder what he would say if he hit one on the kids because he was driving like an arrogant asshole?
We got to talking about contacting the city to get a sign put in. I came home and started researching them. Found out our city and many other cities don't recognize "cation,children at play" signs.Saying drivers disregaurd these signs and they give a false sense of security. Which I can see. So then I found a site about speed humps. They cost $1200 for one and the residents have to pay for it. Some streets you can't have one. Lots of regulations on speed humps. Being that our street is not a long street and has a brick wall at the end,i doubt our street will qualify. But I am still going to get signatures and send the petition in. If our street qualifies I will take donations and pay for it myself if I have to.
If you drive in a nieghborhood,how fast do you drive? Think about the kids that might live in the houses,that might be playing ball in the driveway or riding their bikes and dart out. Kids are not adults. We can tell them 1 billion times to look before crossing the street,don't run after the ball,let us get it and so on and theres always that chance they won't be thinking.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

I need a new hard drive

Its not my computer,its my brain. I screwed up big today. Mr. Fun said that he doesn't think I have ever been sooo fired before. He said that even if I reapply for the job he may not hire me.
The boys had their baseball/t-ball meetings today. We signed up months ago for the fall season. I recieved information from somewhere (either email or through the mail). I wrote this info in my calander.

I am thinking its 51st Street since Ave. is on the other side of town. Turns out there is no 51st Street and Union. So we are on a wild goose chase. Mr. Fun is just a little annoyed. He claims its at the same place its always at. So we end up back home,hunt down some emails and call the coach from last session. The meeting is at the place its always at but its not untill 3pm not 10am. We still weren't 100% sure about Wy's meeting. We drive all the way over at 11am and his meeting is at 2PM.
So tell me,where did I get this info from? Why did I write it down? I haven't a clue of where it came from. I was so proud of myself. I exclaimed on our way out the door at 9:40 that I had the information. Too bad it was the wrong information.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

12~I really need to call and make a new patient drs. appointment.

We can cross that off my thoughts. I did it. I have an appointment on the 28th. The last three mornings I have woke up feeling like crap. Dizzy,upset tummy and overall just crappy. I am worried its my blood sugars. I haven't been checking them since T was about 3 months old. They were always fine so I figured the diabetes went away just like the other 3 times. But lately I have been feeling off,not 100%. And to top it off I am gaining weight. Honestly, thats what made me call more than anything. How vain is that? Maybe sttupid is a better word.



How freaking disappointing!!! I wanted more questions answered. I just have more questions now. Yes, we saw what was down the hatch but we don't know what it is or why its there. And why is it the guy from the stadium? Whats the connection? ARG!!
What about the numbers? What are they? And I am going to assume all but Walt from the raft are in fact dead??? So now I can't wait for next week.


Sometimes you have to laugh or you will regret any other actions

Last night we were out with the nieghbor. Wy wanted milk. I told him we were getting ready to go in and he could have some once we were inside. He comtinued to whine. I was trying to finish up my conversation but he wouldn't let up. So I got down on his level,gently held his chin and spoke directly to him in a very firm voice. If you go inside I will be in in two minutes and get you your milk. If you continue to scream at me you will not get any milk. He screamed through my conversation. So we get inside and hes screaming for milk. Mr. Fun starts the shower. I pry Wys clothes off while hes kicking and screaming. Mr. Fun picks him up and puts him in the shower but he won't stay. So Mr. Fun ends up in the shower with his clothes on. Wy fought dad through the whole process and I had to hold the shower doors closed. Luckily Mr. Fun and I could laugh during this because we both wanted to spank him and send the little shit straight to bed. Instead we calmed him down and gave him a little cranberry juice. Wy then fell asleep on daddys lap.
G's comment after this was over was "That hurt my head"
JJ's comment was "My ears are ringing now"

That is how loud and long he screamed and pitched a fit for. I am sure if anyone heard him they thought we were beating him. *sigh* I just hope he outgrows the whining and tantrums. I can just picture this tall skinny 16 year old screaming at me because I won't give him money for something.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Thoughts out loud

1~I drink way too much diet pepsi.
2~I snack too much.
3~I don't get to the gym enough.
4~I am obsessed with the Canon 20D and I don't even own it.
5~It will be 3 weeks tomorrow since I filled up the burb.
6~T is 8 months (where did it go?). Happy eight months to baby girl also :)
7~I play with my picture software too late at night and then wonder what the hell the next morning.
8~I already want to do something different with my blog header,crazy, i know.
9~No matter how many times I tell my children not to do something they are going to do it.
10~I have this love/hate relationship with the sand out back.
11~I won't be making any new friends at the preschool this year.
12~I really need to call and make a new patient drs. appointment.
13~You don't have to put laundry away, kids can get dressed from a pile.
14~I want to add my email to my sidebar and can't figure it out.
15~I want to add video to my other blog and its just not working out.
16~I don't drink enough water.
17~Whenever one toilet breaks the other one has to act up,I'm currently in toilet hell. i'll spare ya the details.
18~I can't believe Wy is big enough to play T-ball.
19~I need to save a butt load of pics to CD.
20~I must organize the photos first.
21~My kids are so sensitive,makes me worry about them even more.
22~Banana pancakes for dinner are the best.
23~I have one broken hairclip I continue to use instead of buying a new one.
24~I believe I have bored all that read long enough.
25~I will leave you with some pictures from yesterday.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Martha Stewart

I have never really been a fan of hers. You know the blinkie that says "Martha doesn't live here"? Well, that couldn't be any more true for this house. Though my little Miss JJ could give her a run for her money.
So back to my point..............I watched Letterman last night and I enjoyed her. She has such an awesome outlook about everything. She saw it all with a postive twist. I wanted to yell "You ROCK Martha" but luckily I realized she couldn't hear me before doing so. And I have to say she looks good. She had a glow about her.
I wish I could remember her exact quote but it was late and I was tired. Letterman asked if she was outraged at all, her response was something along the lines of " thats such a waste of time" Again "You ROCK"
This is how I feel about negative things that happen to me and those around me. To be angry,outragrd or pissy about things is such a waste of time and energy" I try very hard to put a positive spin on things for me,my friends and my family. I realize theres some things that you just have to be pissy,sad,angry about. For the most part though theres always a positive way of looking at a situation. At least for me :)

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

I want it I want it I want it

No, its not one of the huckleberries throwing the fit,its me. I asked Mr. Fun "if I throw a tantrum, can i get it?" He said no. I am guessing since it doesn't work for them its not going to work for me. DARN IT!!
We went to Best Buy and I got to play with the cameras. I have decided that I want the Canon 20D. WOW! thats a camera! From what I could tell, pretty user friendly. I played with all the options. I just wish they would of let me put a CF card in it so I could take actual pictures.
I also played with the Nikon D70 and Canon Rebel XT. Both of those were also nice but I feel the 20D is the camera for me. So my quest is to find the cheapest price.

And my self control sucks,it really does. I had avoided Gymboree all weekend. Today I went to the mall,just T and I. Did you hear that? Just T and I. T slept 90% of the trip. I went to Gymboree and now I am counting down untill October so I can use my Gymbucks. Its an addiction.
Thank goodness Mr. Fun was with me when I wanted that camera or he may have had to fire me *wink*

If you were wondering, we never made it to Tucson this weekend. So no tat for Mr. Fun.

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

anonymous said...

"If you dont feed him formula & he wont take expressed milk in a bottle- then why would you drink Crown & pepsi ? Isnt that bad for the baby ??"

I thought I would answer this in a whole new post. Just in case others are wondering.
The easiest way for me to do this is to copy/paste the info for any who would like to educate themselves on breastfeeding and alcohol. It peeves me a bit that whoever asked didn't leave a name,its an honest question. I can see how one that doesn't know would think it was harmful to the baby. I would never harm my children. I am hoping its someone who doesn't know me. I don't get a lot of anonymous comments except when its my mom. I know this wasn't my mom for she has seen me drink and nurse before. I think she would of questioned it years ago. And I only drink once baby is down for the night or at least for a few hours.;-)
Breastfeeding and Alcohol

By Kelly Bonyata, IBCLC

* Current research says that occasional use of alcohol (1-2 drinks) is not harmful to the nursing baby. Alcohol (ethanol) is approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics for use in breastfeeding mothers.
* Many experts recommend against drinking more than 1-2 drinks per week.
* It is recommended that nursing moms avoid breastfeeding during and for 2-3 hours after drinking (Hale 2002).
* There is no need to pump & dump milk after drinking alcohol, other than for mom's comfort -- pumping & dumping does not speed the elimination of alcohol from the milk.
* Alcohol does not increase milk production, and has been shown to inhibit let-down and decrease milk production (see below).
* If you're away from your baby, try to pump as often as baby usually nurses (this is to maintain milk supply, not because of the alcohol). At the very least, pump or hand express whenever you feel uncomfortably full - this will help you to avoid plugged ducts and mastitis.

In general, if you are sober enough to drive, you are sober enough to breastfeed. Less than 2% of the alcohol consumed by the mother reaches her blood and milk. Alcohol peaks in mom's blood and milk approximately 1/2-1 hour after drinking (but there is considerable variation from person to person, depending upon how much food was eaten in the same time period, mom's body weight and percentage of body fat, etc.). Alcohol does not accumulate in breastmilk, but leaves the milk as it leaves the blood; so when your blood alcohol levels are back down, so are your milk alcohol levels.

Always keep in mind the baby's age when considering the effect of alcohol. A newborn has a very immature liver, so minute amounts of alcohol would be more of a burden. Up until around 3 months of age, infants detoxify alcohol at around half the rate of an adult. An older baby or toddler can metabolize the alcohol more quickly.

I am also including the link if you would like to read more.

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This is for Carmi and any others that may enjoy it ;-)

These signs are used at Wy's preschool where parking is not permitted. Everytime I see them, i get a giggle.

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Its early,too early for a saturday morning. Had two Crown and pepsis last night. Hmmm? maybe thats why my stomach feels a bit queasy. Then again it could be the 4 hours of sleep. Either way I plan to drink coffee,lots of coffee. When the baby goes down for his morning nap, I am going with him.
We may be taking a drive down to Tucson today or tommorrow. Mr. Fun has found the tat he wants. So we are just waiting on the call from our tat artist to see if he will be in the shop. This will be our second trip where i leave without a tat. Just sort of disappointed. Had a friend say "thats why they make similac" Gotta admit that comment kind of hit a nerve. But I did let it slide off my back for I know breastfeeding the babe is a very small sacerfice in the long run. It would be nice if he would take a bottle of expressed milk though. But untill they invent a bottle made of skin with a forceful spray I think I am SOL!
Met an elderly nieghbor last night. She lives on the next street over. She was so sweet and just loved on my kids. It wasn't the creepy kind of sweet either. She thanked me for talking with her. I feel I should of been the one thanking her. Why?well because of two things she said.1~you look too young to have all these kids and 2~and look at your figure, you wouldn't know all these kids were yours. I could have kissed that sweet old lady. She made my night.
Speaking of nieghbors.Found out that our nieghbors house sold. That would make the 5th house in 6 months. The market is crazy right now. Theres no way we could afford our own house today.
And heres a story.
At 2:25 when I left to pick up the kids I noticed the brush part of a utilty broom in the rocks on our side yard. I thought "weird" but couldn't investigate more because I had to get the kids. We get back at 2:35 and the part of the broom is gone. I really just forgot all about it untill yesterday.
Our friend was over and told us this story.
He had picked up some stuff in his work truck, wanted to drop it at home but they are redoing the streets and he couldn't get his truck up to his house. He decided to drop it in our side yard while he returned his work truck. This was 2:05. By 2:25 someone had stolen everything but the brush of the broom. Took the broom handle but not the brush. He was back in his truck at 2:30 to discover everything was gone.
So to the asshole that stole all that stuff out of my yard in the light of day YOU SUCK!!!

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Thursday, September 15, 2005


I once was a morning person. I loved my mornings,up while the sun was barely peeking over the horizon. Kids still sleeping. I would get my coffee and sit at the computer. Then we moved here in June 2004. I no longer had a job, I was pregnant and the kids didn't have any activities or friends. So we started sleeping in. Waking at 8-9 AM. It was heaven.
Now I have a 7 month old that thinks 5-6 AM is the perfect time to play and make as much noise as he can. Once he has the other kids awake hes satisfied and quiet again.
This is where the problem lies. I have realized that I could be a morning person again. But I can't handle the kids asking for things,simple things, like a frozen waffle or glass of milk before I have had time to sit here and sip coffee.
So I guess if I am going to do mornings I have to do them all the way and wake while the sun is barely up,all kids still sleeping. Just so I can get that cup of coffee in before my huckleberries start in with their multiple morning requests.
You with multiple children know what I am talking about. You give one a glass a milk, you end up giving them all milk. One asks for cereal, the next thing you know you are pouring multiple bowls. This really isn't a big deal unless your still half asleep. The crusties aren't even out of my eyes yet and the kids are hungry and asking all the questions I don't have the answers to. I try to explain my brain like a light switch to them. My brain is off and the only thing thats going to turn it on is a hot cup of coffee and a few minutes of silence.
So be silent huckleberries,silent untill mom finishes that first cup of sanity. Silence I said.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Being talked makes you feel like crap

I was walking up towards Wy's class and all the moms were standing about chit chatting. One mom was watching me walk up, leaned over and said something to another mom. I heard that mom say "how rude" and then laughed,still looking at me. Not trying to hide the fact they are talking about me.
It felt like highschool all over again. It really bothered me and I felt really uncomfortable waiting for Wy. But the longer I had to stand there and think the longer I had to realize it doesn't matter. What do I care if these two moms don't like me? I am not sure what could of been said, I barely know either of them. I thought about asking why they felt the need to talk about me but what would that accomplish? I thought about coming up with something witty to say but I couldn't. I thought about just asking her what she said but do I really want to know?
So I talked with the kids and greeted my Wy with a big smile and kiss. And at that moment all the negative feelings went away. I have my husband,my kids,my family,my friends and I don't need to be friends with those two rude moms. Just add them to the list of preschool moms I will avoid in the future.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Running into an old acquaintance

Or in my case hiding from a former preschool mom. Walking into Target today (yes, i went there again and still forgot the paper plates) I see her pulling in. I am at customer service and I watch her walk one way. I then walk the other way. I am leaning over looking at something and she says "I thought that was G's mommy" I try to ignore her,pretend I don't hear her. Theres other G's mommys in the world,rigth? I start to walk down the isle. "Misti, Misti HI its me, the overly annoying room mom from G's preschool last year" AWWW damn it, I have to talk to her. So we chit chat about how big the baby is now and how kindergarten is going. Then she asks the dreaded question about Wy going to preschool. I lied(i think i might be going to hell) right in front of my preschooler. I said Wy wasn't going to preschool this year. Meanwhile I am giving Wy the quiet sign because I know he knows he does in fact go to preschool. At any minute I could hear him saying "mom, i do to go, my teachers are Mrs. Mac and Mrs. S" So the quiet sign stayed 3 inches from his face through this whole conversation. Just as I started to feel really guilty about the lie she started in on her rant about public school and other preschools. Oh the guilt was gone, so gone that I lied again and said I had to be somewhere. I didn't walk I power walked to the front paid for everything I needed minus the paper plates and then ran to my car.
I hope I NEVER run into that woman again. She drives me crazy. When she talks I hear fingernails on a chalkboard. She has her viewpoint and thats it. Doesn't care what others think. Shes right,you're wrong. If you don't send your kids to her church/school then you are doomed.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

To see the world through a childs eyes

Bewildered by the little things us adults just overlook and often take for granted.

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Raise your hand if...

This is our newest dinner game. The kids each take turns saying raise your hand if
you like baseball
you love T
you want to go outside after dinner
you like milk
you love yourself
you are sick of star wars
you want a treat after dinner
you love grandma
you think Halloween is going to be fun
you could play xbox all day
you wnat to watch Ghost stories
you think this is daddys best chicken

And we all raise or don't raise our hands. How this started I am not exactly sure.
It use to be you're boy trapped or girl trapped. I have last year preschool to thank for the trapping game *rolleyes* Rarely is anyone girl trapped for we are WAY out numbered. This makes G and Wy giggle and say more than twice or even three times "JJ is boy trapped" "Mommy is boy trapped"
So I am happy we have moved on to the raising hand game.

Any games you play at the dinner table?

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Friday, September 09, 2005

When was the last time you enjoyed a sunset?

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EDIT!!! A friend has pointed out to me that this is not an SLR, well DAMN!!! Not sure why I missed that. Sorry Santa, this letter was premature :(

Dear Santa

I had to write even though its only September and Christmas is still months away. I found what I really want to find under the tree come December 25th. Its a camera as I am sure you knew already. I realize its quite pricey but I would treat it with respect and love. I'll do the dishes everyday, keep up on the laundry and even scrub the toliets and floors weekly. Of course this is only untill I get the camera. I will be too busy playing with it to worry about the house. You can't buy it yet but you can pre-order it. So I thought I would write this letter and let you know. Heres a link if you are so inclined to check it out. Sony DSC-R1
Oh and the kids, they don't need anything. They won't have time to play. Mommy will be too busy making them pose for pictures *wink*

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Yum, tomato soup

Don't we all love help from a 3 year old. Especially while grocery shopping. Thier little hands doing the work of an adult size hand. So cute to watch UNTILL they reach for the produce. They can't reach the top so they go for the closet tomato they can grasp. And we soon have tomatoes rolling under little feet. So what is a 3 year olds first instinct when theres tomatos on the ground? To step on as many as they can, of course. And mom doesn't realize what he is doing because she has her back turned trying to pick up as many tomatoes as she can before too many people notice. So now we have tomato soup.
So, to the employees at Henry's that had to clean up the tomato soup, I apologize. My mischievous little boy has promised to never touch the produce without help again.

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It seems not many are curious

Or maybe my mom scared them off.

Shannon asks if she can add me to her favorite reads.
I answer with " of course you can :) "

mama Duck asks how long I breastfed each kid.
My answer~ I didn't breastfeed the first two. And let me stop to add that I don't regret not breastfeeding them. That was my choice at the time and I am fine with it. I do LOVE everything about breasfeeding now. If I thought I would of loved it back then, i might of done it but I didn't. The third was weaned at 17 months. And now with #4 I think we will wean a bit earlier, say 13-14 months would be fine with me. But only time will tell.

Bav wants to know what i use to clean my floors.
I use the swiffers and I have a Hoover Floor Mate that i love!!!

So there you have it :)

A late comer :)

Lindsay wants to know what my favorite past times/hobbies are, other than being mommy and blogging.
I love photography. I take LOTS of pictures every day. I also enjoy hiking. The trails here are great. Baseball is another favorite past time. I do enjoy reading but my brain can't hold a thought long enough to get through a good book these days. I also love to workout. Oh and eating is one of my favorite things to do. Put food in front of me and I'll eat it ;-p

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My three questions from Dena answered

the only non-chicken person *wink*

What do you consider your best personality trait, and what do your family/friends consider your best?
I would have to say *I* consider my fun loving easy going attitude to be my best personality trait. AS far as my friends/family, I think some would say the amount of patience I have.

What do you consider your best physical attiribute, and how about your family/friends?
This is a hard question for me to answer for i can't think of any one thing. I do like my legs and eyes.As far as family and friends, I haven't a clue. Never asked and they've never told.

If you could trade careers for a year, what would you choose?
I would want to be a professional photograghy. To make money doing something that has become my passion would be a dream come true.

I have decided that you can ask me anything you want,will I answer? I will try my best. And in return, you must come back to read my answers. Thats it :) So if you want to know something, now is the time to ask. But keep in mind, my mom does read daily ;) (HI MOM)

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Monday, September 05, 2005

Technology has passed me by

I wanted a bigger memory stick for my camera. So while on vacation in San Diego I bought my first. I put it in and to my horror, a dinging sound with an error message. It must be the stick, so i take it back. I buy another one, the same size and get the same horrible dinging noise and error message. I take that one back. Fast foward to Saturday. Costco has a 512mg stick. Mr. Fun buys it. And again the dinging. I just want to pull my hair out.
Instead I got online and realized after looking on ebay that my sticks say media and all the new ones say PRO or PRO media. That leads me to That is where i found out my 2002 camera is no longer worthy of the technology of today. I am stuck in the stone ages with only two 64 mg memory sticks and a 128 mg stick floating around somewhere in the Fun house.
Many thoughts of a new camera are dancing around in my head. I have a few that I want to look at but not the funds for any of them. Sure I could sell my camera on ebay to help fund the new one but really, who is going to want a camera you can't walk into a store and buy a memory stick for? I wouldn't feel right selling it.
One online friend said I should set up a site with my work asking for funds for my camera. I personally could not do something like that. Even if Hurricane Katrina hadn't hit. Its just not my style. But oh the thought of a new camera sure does have me brainstorming ways of getting my hands on one. I have clothes I could list on ebay but i already decided to donate them to the victoms who are staying here in the valley.
I guess we'll see what Santa leaves under the tree and go from there.
I mean really?? My camera is only 3 years old and I am stuck taking only 20 good pictures at one time. Any photogragher knows that just isn't enough.
I am a instant gratification kind of gal. I hate waiting for anything ;-)
So what do you do when you want a new toy and can''t get it right away?

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Yes, another meme

i just couldn't help asking 3 questions. Blaming it on peer pressure. Thats it, all the cool bloggers are doing it so I must do it too ;-)

Handed down from zazzafooky:

* Ask me 3 questions. Any 3, no matter how personal, private or random.
* I have to answer them honestly. I have to answer them all.
* In turn, you post this message in your own blog or journal and you have to answer the questions that are asked of you.

on your mark, get set, ASK!

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The blame game

Everyone seems to have the need to blame. I accept the fact that sometimes things happen just because they happen. You can't always blame things on someone or something. Things happen. Mother nature is a strong force, she can't be stopped,willed or convinced. She does what she wants where she wants.
And I read an article about how what happened is The Presidents fault. This is what peeves me off. It really does. How is this Hurricane his fault, did he put in a call and BAM! theres a hurricane to devistate thousands?
We could go as far to blame this on the French. They built the levee system. Why not start there? Really? blaming is not going to fix the problem we have at hand.
This is such a sad situation, its only going to get worse if you sit on your duff and play the blame game. It doesn't matter why anymore, it happened. Its time to start picking up the pieces,helping our fellow Americans to get back on their feet.
And lets pray that a Hurricane of such force doesn't happen again.
Use your energy in positive ways and put the negativity behind you.

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Another night out with nieghbors

I love how the nieghbors just start to wander down one by one on the weekends. We sit outside,chat,watch the kids play and slowly become closer.

Last nights stories included renting a modem costing one over one thousands dollars before they got smart and bought their own. Lots of television talk. One nieghbor just bought a HD TV and the other is in the market. I used to think TV was TV. But then I saw baseball in HD. I am hear to tell you, TV is not just TV. HDTV rocks.

The kids noticed a rat,yes, A RAT!!!! This rodent was making its way up the gutter.
we told the kids to get away. One nieghbor grabbed a plastic bat, went to whack the rat and it broke. Snapping it in half and the top came flinging back up towards his head hitting him right in the lip. Now thats entertainment. We didn't catch the rat. I hate rats. Hopefully he went on his way back out to the open desert somewhere.

I ran out of pullups for Wy two nights ago. I forgot all about it untill he fell asleep in dads lap outside. So the same nieghbor offered up his little girls pullups. Yes, they were pink and had princesses with bows on them. But Wy doesn't always make it through the night.It was 10pm already so I accepted the offer and Wy wore princess pullups to bed. Turns out, he stayed dry all night. Go figure. When he awoke this morning I waited for him to notice just exactly what he had on.
His face squished up, his lips became pouty and tears filled his eyes. The poor kid was so sad that he had girl pullups on. I quickly ripped them off and put very boyish baseball undies on. Hopefully hes forgotten all about it now.

My parents were also in town this weekend so it made last night even sweeter. The kids were spoiled with slurpees and donuts. Two things this mom and dad don't buy them but once in a VERY great while.
Sharing just a few pictures from the weekend.

Getting to know Grandma

Chocolate treats

he doesn't have his glasses on here because he had gotten this chocolate treat all over them

Digging in the sand together

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Friday, September 02, 2005

Feeling out of place

I was thinking late last night or early this morning,depends on what you consider 3:30 AM. I was up pacing in the hallway bouncing the sick/teething baby boy. Lots of time for the brain to wander and think about stuff that I normally wouldn't give a second thought to.
Do you ever feel that you don't fit in? Feel that you don't belong? Feeling like an outsider even though you are right there in the middle of the crowd?
Thats how I have been feeling lately. I don't think its a bad thing however. I think its just who I am. I view things/issues in a different light than many. I see others differently than many.sometimes I want to scream "Are you seeing the same thing as I am? You can't seriously think that this behavior is okay?" Then again maybe what I am seeing isn't the true person and I am in the wrong and these others are right. So I move on and don't think too much about it. Of course until 3:30 AM and there isn't much else to think about :)
I see this world through grey glasses where others may see it in black and white???
I understand having strong convictions about certian issues. I have few myself.
I hear others complaining and I think,"deal with it,find the solution or move on."
Life is short,enjoy it as much as you can. Let the little things slide and tackle the bigger issues head on.

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

13 Super Sweet Morsels about Mrs. Fun

1.I am tired
2. I drink way too much coffee and diet soda and not enough water
3.My mom is coming for a visit this weekend. I am keeping it a secret from the kids
4. I am super excited for the new fall season of TV to start
5.I haven't been to the gym because of my sick children and its making me cranky
6. I didn't get a birthday cake and i was disappointed
7. I wish people would stop complaining about the price of gas and look at the bigger picture.
8. I don't watch the news because the newscasters here bug the crap out of me
9. I wish i had more time to play with the features on my camera
10. I really should be cleaning instead of doing this
11.My biggest pet peeve is a wet towels being left on the carpet
12. I didn't sleep all but a few hours last night
13.I suck at playing tooth fairy and make up great stories of why she didn't come.
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Feeling Just A WEE Bit Homesick

I love my new home. I have a beautiful house and get to be the stay at home I always dreamed of being. But I ran across some old picturess that were on a memory stick that had been lost. I forgot all about these pictures and didn't know they were missing.
I will share them with you. Looking at them made a little part of me wish we were back in San Diego. Made me even miss my job at the church.

I know these pictures don't look like much but they are to me. That church was home to me. I spent a great deal of my time there. Pastor Bruce(in the blue shirt) was the best. He made church fun and always spoke so you could relate by using stories from his own life.

I hope to find that connection again.

I may miss my church and co-workers but i don't miss the traffic,cost of living,rude people or driving all day. :)

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