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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Closing chapters of your life

I realized yesterday that I have closed a chapter in my life. It was a long chapter, lasting almost 10 years. My youngest child is 16 months (tomorrow). No more bouncey seat,the exersaucer has been moved to the garage, the itty bitty clothes were mailed to a friend, the rattles and teethers are not thrown about the floor anymore.
I am excited for the next chapter to progress, to watch my children grow and become their own persons.But this also means I am not getting any younger.
Our oldest is going to be 10 in July. Double digits people!! When did that happen? We were young when she was born. Mr. Fun was only 20 years old for five days on the day his first child was born. I was 21. It's crazy to look back and think that over the past ten years we have added four children to our lives and now that chapter has closed. There will be no more adding to this family. It is complete.

On to the next chapter,wonder what it holds for us.

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