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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thirteen Things about Mrs. Fun

1~I must apologize for the depressing posts this week. Life just sucks sometimes. It's beyond sucky.
2~I belong to a message board. We have been together since 2001. We have had some bad times, some disagreements and we have managed to be adults and come out on top.
3~I depend on these ladies, they are my life line,in bad times and in good.
4~I have had the pleasure of meeting nine of these wonderful women in person. Three of them no longer post.
5~I am proud of my online friends, I hide it from nobody.
6~When referring to these women, I call them my friends.
7~My new domain is coming along but not because I know what I am doing, that's for darn sure.
8~Comatose by PJ is my favorite song right now. I am rocking out to it as I type. I thought it was World Wide Suicide by PJ but I changed my mind tonight.
9~I witnessed an elderly lady fall off a treadmill and I had to hold back laughter.*does that make me a bad person?* She wasn't hurt at all just embarrassed. I would be too.
10~ Only two more weeks of school, how excited am I? SUPER DUPER excited. SHHH, don't tell the kids.
11~ I have retaught myself how to use my camera on manual after the funk I was in.
I hope I don't forget ever again. Though it came back pretty quick.
12~Exposure and color are my biggest challenges.
13~I think AI is stupid stupid stupid. It's not a talent contest, it's a "who has more friends and family willing to vote multiple times" contest.

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