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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thirteen Things about Mrs. Fun

1~I had a bad day cleaning yesterday. I had just mopped the floor and spilled the dirty water all over my kitchen. I mean all over the fridge, the stove, the cabinets the coffee maker. Even got it in my eyes and mouth. Then as I was cleaning that mess up Mr. Fun found a trap door on the new vacuum canister and all the dirt I vacuumed up over the last week was all over my clean kitchen floor. Yes, we laughed or I would of cried.
2~I only enjoy cleaning when I'm in the mood.
3~I never did get to the bathrooms,so thats where you'll find me.
4~I don't like waiting on people and thats what I'll be doing between 8-12 today. The Direct TV guy has to come out AGAIN!! It's getting very frustrating.
5~I have tried and tried to design a watermark for my photos and I can't do it, I suck. So I thought I would just put text on them and emboss the text but i can't get the text as big as I want it. I'm frustrated.
6~I have a cut on my bottom lip because it was dry and I picked it. I also pick at my kids ears and noses. I know gross but I love to pick.
7~Only 3 more weeks of school once this week is over , this excites me to no end. My countdown is on.
8~All I want for Mothers Day is the 85 mm 1.8 lens and a portable backdrop stand.
9~I can't stand clutter, drives me crazy.We are decluttering our bedroom, Mr. Fun took down the desk and now to find a place for everything that was on it. I am hoping to finish the room by end of weekend.
10~I need a kick in the patootie to get my own domain so I can set up an awesome place to showcase my photos. But I am afraid that may take someone actually just doing it and saying"okay,here is your URL and you owe me $$" LOL!
11~This weeks 13 is hard for me to get through and I am so sorry to bore you all.
12~I still can't decide on what to call myself in PhotoLand, that also adds to the frustration of #5.
13~If you have any suggestions on a name for my photography, I would love to hear it.
I have ABA IMAGES as of now but the more I see it the less I like it. So I am looking for any suggestion, PLEASE! don't make me beg.

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