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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thirteen Things about Mrs. Fun

1~I have over 7000 songs on my ipod, 7087 to be exact.
2~Tim Mcgraw, Alice In Chains, Kenny Chesney, Pearl Jam, NIN, Toby Kieth, LIVE, Gary Allen, Jack Johnson, LL Cool J, Cake and Faith Hill are some of my favorite artist among the mix.
3~I could do without AC/DC, Motley Crew, 2pac, Nickle Creek, Scorpians and Phil Collins being on my ipod.
4~I didn't start liking country music untill my senior year in highschool, which was 1991-1992.
5~I do not sing in the shower.
6~I love to listen to music really loud in the car and miss being able to do it all the time.
7~I grew up listening to Casey Kasem every Sunday while we cleaned the house.
8~Garth Brooks was the first country singer I liked and now I don't care for him.
9~I already have tickets for Kenny Chesney and Tim&Faith this summer. Hoping to see Gary Allen as well.
10~I do not watch any music award shows. I used to but now.....who cares.
11~I used to watch CMT a lot but now I perfer to listen to itunes.
12~I think music can heal the soul.
13~I wish I was going to Boston with Mr. Fun to see Pearl Jam.

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