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Monday, April 24, 2006

Well, that's stupid

*I can't get info about our gym for a friend, they want me to bring her in as a guest first.
*Henry's is out of paper bags
*Costco stopped making the half ceaser salad and half turkey sandwich. They replaced it with some other sandwich and gross looking salad.
*Wearing socks with flip flops.
*Calling the cops on your 7 adult nieghbors and their 8 kids. (I'll elaborate someday)
*Laundry, yes, laundry. It's just stupid.
*Go Diego, GO
*Assuming I don't have children just because I never take them to the gym with me.
*And then not believing me and calling me a liar after I answer that I have four children.
*American Idol
*Trying to keep my house clean on a daily basis.
*Forgetting I had a doctors appointment today untill it was thirty minutes after my scheduled time.
*Leaving a can of soda in the freezer.
*Colored mascara
*Half off Easter candy
*Tivo not recording shows because our HD channels are out.
*Taking your shoes off to walk on the treadmill
*T not wanting to nap at a decent hour.
*Thinking it's a black and white world.
*That's so Raven and all other brain rot shows on Disney.
*Theres still 5 weeks of school left. (is it summer yet?)
*It's already 2 pm and I am struggling to stay awake.
*Meet the Parents
*PJ not coming to Phoenix.
*Being too lazy to write a real blog entry because you watched too many brain rot shows yesterday with your nine year old.(but in her defense and mine...we did watch Who wants to be a millioniare and Kids Jeopardy before the brain rot shows)
*Our front door not unlocking without a fight.

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