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Friday, April 21, 2006

MIAMI (Reuters) - A 76-year-old man claiming to be a doctor went door-to-door in a Florida neighborhood offering free breast exams, and was charged with sexually assaulting two women who accepted the offer, police said on Thursday.
I am laughing so freaking hard here. Seriously? A man comes to do your door and claims hes a doctor doing free breast exams and you let him in? Some stupid stupid people in this world. Well, okay two stupid stupid people in this world.
One woman became suspicious after the man asked her to remove all her clothes and began conducting a purported genital exam without donning rubber gloves, investigators said.
Okay, he got this far before one became suspicious. Are you freaking kidding me? Don't you think the removing of all your clothes would be the first flag ?Oh no wait, the man knocking on your door saying hes a doctor doing a free breast exam should of been enough.

WOMEN!!! Doctors don't do house calls anymore and if they did it wouldn't be for a free breast exam.

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