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Friday, April 14, 2006

Last home game.......what a blast......

To the dude behind me that wanted the Kings to win and said "NICE" about a half a million times. IN YOUR FACE! We kicked your ass. So take your "NICE" and shove it.
To the guy in front of us that kept commenting on the set of lungs my children have....well, we are at a hockey game and we are up 3-0. What do you expect them to do sit in their seats and be quiet, watch the game from home.
To the guy that took a picture of my cute little T in his Yotes Jersey, ASK before you do so......
Now to my sweet sweet funny as all get out little man T, PLEASE wait untill your mom is finished relieving her over full bladder before crawling under and out the bathroom stall. I tried to catch you by the foot but I couldn't do so without fear of peeing all over myself.
Thank you to the lady that stopped T by standing in the way of the open doorway.
G, please don't be such a grump when you wake up.....its a trait you got from your dad that you could stand to lose. And way to haul butt when that puck got away from you.
Wy, way to howl boy, you rock. You may drive me crazy most days but you sure know how to have a good time.
JJ, I never thought I would have a little girl that enjoyed taking score at a hockey game. It was a pleasure to watch you writing down each goal and penalty.
Mr. Fun, thanks for buying season tickets, can't wait to do it again next season.

And now the baseball games begin..........

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