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Saturday, April 08, 2006

I have to go put my kids to bed.....

It was a windy night as I was getting the boys ready for bed. I heard a *thunk* and I knew it was our recycle bin that went *thunk*. So Mr. Fun and I went out to pick it up and noticed my nieghbors down the street had also went *thunk* and her recycables were blown everywhere. After helping Mr. Fun pick ours up I ran down to tell her. After I helped her we chatted a bit but I then realized I didn't want to miss saying goodnight to the boys. As I was running home I felt a sense of pride. I was happy to say goodbye to adult conversation and replace it with the usual bedtime battles. You know the kind............
"I want some milk(as we ignore this request), JUICE, (still ignoring) can I please have some water" (getting up to get some water).
"MOM, will you please cover me up?"
"MOM, I can't find brownie"
"DAD, can we play xbox in the morning"(because they know mom will say NO!!!!)
"MOM,do I have school tomorrow"
"MOM, I'm hot"
This gig isn't so bad after all...........

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