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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Costco trips are always fun.

You would think peolpe at costco would be used to seeing parents with more than three children. But it doesn't seem to be the case. Today the comments I got made me laugh or smile.
One lady says "thats quite the collection you have there" I responded with "yes, I like to get a new one every couple years" She laughed and commented on how cute they all were.
Then another lady asked if they were all mine and when I answered yes she said "you did good".
Then theres always the person that is amazed at how well behaved they are. That one always puts a smile on my face. If theres anything I try hard at it is making sure my kids know how to behave in public. At home they can scream, cry, throw a fit, fight, I don't care as long as they behave in public. I don't mind the noise but pretty sure it annoys the hell out of the general public.
As we were checking out I was asked if they were all mine and after I replied with my "yes". She says "you don't look like you've had four kids" I asked Mr. Fun if I could take her home and keep her in my closet for those days that I feel like i've had twenty kids.

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