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Monday, March 20, 2006

Keeping the balance

I am once again overwhelmed with the house. I can't seem to get in the groove of cleaning. I look at the playroom, sigh and close the door, that can wait. It is just the playroom. I go into my room,look at the clothes piled up on the dresser and the overflowing desk and start to get pissy. I glance over at the pile of dirty clothes, thats when I get overwhelmed. Thats when I shut down and find something else to do.
Theres the things that get done every day, sometimes two or three times everyday. Theres the dishes,sweeping the kitchen,wiping down the counter and the table.Don't forget the picking up of the living room and vacuuming. Those are the things that have to be done so the house can run in some sort of orderly fashion. So this leaves my room and the playroom as a dumping ground. It's easy for me to dump and shut the door untill one of the kids yells "mom, i don't have any clean pants or socks or underwear." I always say I am going to do a couple loads a day but I forget about the load in the washer and then have to rewash them. WHY?? Why can't I get organized and stay organized? Sure the laundry gets done but that stack of crap on the desk is still there and now all those once dirty clothes are folded and piled on top of those other clothes on my dresser that made me pissy. I have thought about not dressing the kids, maybe only buying reversable clothes so theres two outfits in one. And it doesn't help that theres not enough room for all those clothes when they are clean. I am stuffing clothes in drawers. Poor T has a dress up cabinet in JJ's room that holds his clothes. And its bursting at the seams.
Most moms get to clean while the kids nap, that doesn't happen in this house. T seems to be the lightest sleeper on the planet,maybe the universe. Any and all sounds wake him. That means I don't get to even unload the dishwasher while he sleeps. Laundry is out because that means I am in out of our room where his bed is.
Today he napped on me due to him being sick which also sets me back, sick toddler and clean house are hardly ever heard in the same sentence.

I need to get the balance back.....who stole my balance? Please return the balance, no questions asked.

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