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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Must of been old people day today at the gym

I realize one day I will be old and slow. I realize I shouldn't make fun or get frustrated with the elderly. I DO!!
Today everywhere I looked there was slow old people trying use the machines. They were all doing it all wrong. One guy was using a machine thats decide for the biceps to work his legs,don't ask. It wasn't pretty. Another woman was on a treadmill walking but the treadmill wasn't on. Then there was the two sweet little old ladies dodging oncoming walkers and runners. No matter how many times they were politely told that the track direction is the other way they continued on their merry way.
I think its gets great that they are there and getting healthy/staying healthy. I DO!
But waiting for them to finish with a machine is like watching molasses in the snow.

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