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Monday, March 13, 2006

Sick kids have the worst timing....

Wy started complaining his tummy hurt last night around 7:30. Said he might throw up. So we sat with a bowl for a full hour without anything happening. Bedtime is 8:30 so I put the boys to bed. Luckily G decided to get up and use the bathroom because Wy threw up all over the bed. He continued this about every forty minutes untill 9 this morning. The coffee could never be strong enough and a twelve cup pot is not enough.

A friend and her three girls were supposed to come visit from Tucson. I am so disappointed that we won't get to see eachother now. Her baby isn't going to be a baby next time I see them, at this rate. And I really wanted to take some photos for her today. I have been in a photo rut and this was just the chance I needed to crawl out of it.

And I just realized that both boys have been sleeping for about twenty minutes. Nick Jr. is still on and I was watching it. *sigh* Where's that damn remote?

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