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Monday, March 06, 2006

The addiction is back......

I'm happy to say I have worked out every day for over a week. I either hit the gym or load the two little ones up in the jogging stroller. I think about my next workout the minute the current one is over. I would get two workouts in daily if time permitted.

I enjoy people watching. I am going to be one of those little old ladies that stare because I am old and I don't care if you know I am watching you. Today at the gym I was watching people workout. I started to notice their shoes. I saw all sorts of tennis shoes. Some really cute,some really ugly and then your average Nikes and Reeboks. But then I saw clogs,slippers,sandals and even water shoes. I wanted so badly to stop these people and ask "what the hell are you thinking" but then I noticed what they were wearing. Jeans,skirt, a belt and button up shirt. So I figured they were new to the gym scene and hopefully someone will clue them in to what workout wear is all about. I just can't see getting a good workout in wering jeans and slip ons. But then i'm not them,LOL!

Please tell me, what do you wear to work out? Be it at a gym or walking or workout dvd/tape at home. I am curious to know. Don't be shy.

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