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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


This lady in her sixties jumps on the machine in front of me. Skinny as can be. Toned to the max. WOW I think, I wanna look that good when i'm her age(as my butt jiggles) . After her 30 minutes of jogging I notice her over with the body builders holding her own. Doing her sets and not giving up. Pushing herself to finish that last set.
I started thinking of what a commitment she has to have to look so good for so long. That gave me a bit more motivation to work out a little harder. I also decided I needed to make a commitment to myself to work harder at cutting out the junk food and take more time to work on me.
I find it so easy to make time for everything else but myself(me time).I do it but most times its not without guilt. I want to be able to walk out the door and workout everyday without thinking of everything else I should be doing. I want to find something that will keep me motivated to keep pushing myself..............

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