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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Lily Bleu said...

Why don't you celebrate Valentine's Day? Just curious. I would think this would be a great holiday to share within a family: a celebration of love.

Honestly, we show our love for eachother daily. We are a very affectionate,lovey,hang on eachother kind of family.(i'll pause why'll you puke), go ahead I won't be offended. We try to do nice things for eachother throughout the year. So Valentine's Day is just another day around here. Mr. Fun will bring presents home for me and kids now and again. If I am out shopping I always look for things I think he would like. I don't need a holiday to remind me to tell the one I love just how much they mean to me.

Posted by Misti :: 7:43 PM :: 7 People having fun

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