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Monday, February 13, 2006

Its just a little sand



We ventured out to the park yesterday.It was a beautiful 78 degrees. Couldn't stand to stay indoors. While at the park I met a nice mother of one. We were chatting and discovered our babies were both January babies. Then T decided he wanted to taste some sand. What does a good mommy do? Most likely stop the child, distracts the child,cleans the childs mouth out. Not me (heehee) I grabbed my camera and took pictures of him eating the sand. In my defense I did say "no,no T"
So back to this other mother. She says "you aren't going to stop him?" I replied that a little sand never hurt anyone. She told me there could be bugs in the sand with a mortified look on her face. I told her that at least he would be getting protien.
She picked up her daughter and walked to the other end of the park.

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