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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thirteen Things about Mrs. Fun

1~I wasn't going to do this anymore but I couldn't resist.
2~I am exhausted from trying to night wean T. Hes still screaming a few hours a night. I really didn't think it would be this hard.
3~Today I feel fat and ugly. You can call me fugly.
4~Yesterday was the first day in over a year that I didn't have to wear nursng pads. it felt so weird.
5~My nieghbor thinks her husband is having an affair, I am so sad for her.
6~T won't let me put him down, screams and follows me around while I do what needs to be done. No wonder i'm insane.
7~I'm trying to drink more water I just forget.
8~Thats it, i'm going to the gym tonight after dinner and dinner will be something healthy.
9~Mr. fun installed our new garage door a couple nights ago and I am still giddy everytime I pull up,push the button and pull in the garage without having to get out. Our last garage door was a piece of crap. never buy a wayne dalton, they suck.
10~I suppose I have to give up the day nursing sessions to wean T from waking at night. I thought I could hold on to those for a short while longer.
11~i need to hury this up, JJ gets her certificates for Principles list today and perfect attenndance. I am s proud of her straight A's.
12~I have laundry in the washer that has been washed twice already. It will be three if i don't get it in the dryer today.
13~Some think this is an unlucky number, not me.

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