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Sunday, January 29, 2006

The daddy daughter relationship

The one Mr. Fun has with our sweet princess JJ is one to cherish. I love to see these two together. They have a connection that I don't seem to have with any of my children. Does this make me sad? Not at all, it warms my heart. I didn't have the chance to have a relationship with my dad growing up. So when I see Mr. Fun and JJ together I hope they continue to be close throughout the trying years of hormones we have ahead of us.
I as an adult have a relationship with my dad. After JJ was born I decided to get in contact with him through a letter. It took another three years before we talked after that letter. I had almost given up hope on ever seeing him again or him knowing about his second grandchild. But he surprised me and out of the blue he called and the next week came to visit. I am glad that I didn't let the hurt feelings push him away. I am glad I let him back in my life without any expectations of a relationship. Turns out we get along like two peas in a pod and hes great with the kids. Calls G gorilla and cracks me up because its right on. He hasn't met T and Wy was only a baby last we saw him but he calls a lot. And for that , I am thankful.

please excuse the red blob on JJ's face. its the date stamp ,ARGHH!

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