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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lets talk about weaning a baby from the breast....

Mornings, afternoons and evenings are going great. We are down to three nursing sessions during the day . Hes actually eating real food and not gagging or choking. Hes getting the hang of a sippy cup. Drinking more and more at one time.
Then comes 8PM after hes been asleep for about thirty minutes. He wants to nurse. I can't let him cry it out,just can't do it. So I pat his butt and he falls back to sleep. Twenty minutes later and hes awake again. So I pat his butt and hes back to sleep. Thirty minutes later hes awake again. This time Mr. Fun gets him and puts him back to sleep. But shortly after he's awake again and I am left walking the hallway with him.
Not sure what time he woke up after that but I nursed him without even thinking about it. Habit for both of us,I suppose. A very hard habit to break. I am new to this. My other kids were either sleeping through the night or waking only one time. He still wakes every three hours.
I tried to have him sleep in with the boys but that room is so cold at night and he won't leave the covers on. So today I am moving the pack and play into our room again and hopefully I can be strong.
Hook the IV of coffee up and walk the halls............... THIS SUCKS BIG HAIRY BALLS! I want an easy button *wink*

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