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Saturday, January 14, 2006

My to do list, not in order of importance.

1~grocery shop
2~laundry,massive amount of laundry
3~donate clothes
4~list clothes on ebay
5~schedule T's one year appointment
6~schedule eye appointment for Wy
7~schedule dental check up for JJ, G and Wy
8~call dentist to schedule oral surgery for me
9~plan T's party that may not happen now :(
10~spend gymbucks asap
11~clean house top to bottom!!! get rid of those pesky germs.
12~clean out the burb from our trip
13~call and check on my best friend that happens to be pregnant with #4.I persnally hope its a boy.
14~think of my own domain name *sigh* not sure why I am struggling with this.
16~sleep more

So which one you taking off my hands *excluding 13,15 and 10 because i am looking foward to those.

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