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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thirteen Things about Mrs. Fun

1~We are leaving for San Diego today.
2~I can't wait to smell the ocean
3~I want to see my kids run barefoot in the sand with me.
4~I will not worry about sand in the burb, lifes too short.
6~I get to hang with my mother in law,I miss having coffee with her.
7~We are leaving for San Diego today.
8~This is why we can never leave town for more than three days.

and this is only half packed for the kids, not including blankets,pillows,stuffed friends,toys,snacks and whatever else they sneak into the burb.
9~I ate a huge salad for dinner yesterday and then ruined it with not one but three pieces of fudge my friend brought over today.
10~I need to get my hands on Tae Bo DVD's. I have the vhs but no vcr. I have a craving for some kick boxing.
11~I started giving T some milk in a sippy,hes less than impressed.
12~I still need to clean the burb out before we leave. That thing sure does get messy quick.
13~We are leaving for San Diego today. Just in case you didn't that.
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