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Sunday, January 01, 2006

So I was tagged.....

Thanks to my friend Marisa over at I Have What?

Five random things about Moi

1~I love to have my feet tickled. My mom used to pay me to tickle her feet and now I think I should start paying my kids to tickle my feet.

2~my toes are always painted, ALWAYS!! My fingernails are never painted,NEVER!!!

3~I love to work out but only at the gym,working out at home isn't enough for me.

4~I don't know how to play chess. I didn't care untill my 9 y/o was teaching my 5 y/o to play. Maybe I should have Mr. Fun teach me.

5~The sound of brushing teeth makes me wanna throw up. G thinks its funny and tortures me every night with extra long,extra loud teeth brushing.

And since I am doing this with only one free hand I am not taggig anyone. However if
you would like to share 5 random things abut yourself i would love to read.

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