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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Thirteen Things about Mrs.Fun

1~I really need a night out
2~I'm afraid that night out wouldn't do me much good
3~See I would be too worried about Mr. Boob man.
4~I would make it just fine for a couple hours but then I would want to come home.
5~And just how do you wean a child that won't eat solid food or drink from anything other than the breast? HOW HOW HOW????? I don't know where to begin.
6~I loaded the kids as is up in the truck and went through the drive thru of KFC just for a large diet pepsi(no ice) yesterday.
7~I should be sleeping,given I was up all night with a feverish baby.
8~eight eight eight i forget what eight is for.....
9~I am going to get serious about fitness once T aka Mr. Boob man is feeling better.
10~I keep thinking its Saturday or Sunday because the kids don't have school.
11~I am loving not having to get ready or having anywhere to go.
12~I finally found a country station on XM that rocks. They play lots of Gary. its called Highway 16.
13~We have tickets to the hockey game tonight and I may have to stay home because T is sick. We were going to take him but we can't do that if hes sick and if you read #2 and #3 then you know leaving him for that long is not an option. Unless of course you,yes you, has the magic answer for me. And none of that "he'll eat if he gets hungry enough" crap. I'm not into starving my child while a sitter listens to him scream.

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