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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thirteen Things about Mrs. Fun

1~I have this cold that doesn't want to go away and its really annoying.
2~I have so much to do today and that means housework is going to be put on the backburner once again.
3~My mom will be here today, I can't wait!! I wish she could stay longer than she is.
4~I had a lot to write about yesterday and now I have forgtten it all,go figure.
5~T is now 11 months old and its really hard for me to grasp.

6~Even tho theres so many other things I should be doing right at this very minute, here i sit enjoying my sanity juice and nursing a very cranky baby.
7~I still need to buy teacher gifts, thinking a gift certificate for somewhere would be good.
8~I NEED a professional organizer to come organize my life.
9~I don't think Mr. Fun realized what he was getting into so many years ago,lol.
10~I want to make T a really cool cake for his 1st birthday but can't decide what theme i want to go with.
11~I haven't used auto mode on my camera in over 2 weeks, Go me!!!!
12~Everytime I type I hear the clicking of two beer bottles that Mr. Fun left next to the laptop. I am trying to make it sound like a song.
13~I off to shower and start my day. I must brave the crowds today. Costco is my first stop and I am scared,very scared.

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