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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Well its not the computer

I thought for sure with no access to the anythng via computer my house would get in order. Not the case. The play room is one step closer to being done. Thats about it. My room and bathroom are torn apart.
BUT!!! The kids presents are bought and wrapped! I am done with the kids!! My cards went out on Monday and now for the baking. I have to find gingerbread cookies. I have looked everywhere,can't find them. I need 10 of them and I refuse to bake them since I am already baking 2 dozen other cookies for the church. I also have to bring in graham crackers and small candies for G's class and sprinkles for Wy's class. Lucily JJ's teacher hasn't sent a note home asking for anything.
Wy's behavior seems to be improving slightly. If I remind him over and over throughout the day that we don't throw tantrums and we listen he seems to have a good day. So now i just need to change my parenting and remember to talk to him more about his behavior and how important it is that he listens. My older two behave so this is all new to me. I expect my kids to behave and the older two do so i expected Wy to behave too but hes a different kid. Hes one of a kind and so now the challenge is for me to change the way i parent him and hopefully we can find a middle ground.
My mom is coming out and the kids are so excited. I think they are more excited that shes going to be here than about Christmas. that warms my heart. And tonight we found out Grandpa gets to come and that sent them jumping around the house.
Its going to be a great Christmas and its only a week away!!! Just a week,only a week. And that means T's 1st birthday is only a month away. So hard to believe. Its been almost a year since we brought him home.

Just a quick catch up post. the internet still isn't fixed the way we want it so I may still be a bit MIA.
and of course i leave you with pictures. T looks as if hes walking but hes not. He just crawls,stands,crawls,stands,crawls.

pictures removed b/c blogger sucks and i can fix them.

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