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Friday, December 09, 2005

Why the dirty looks?

Theres this mom at JJ and G's school that seems to have a beef with me. Night before last JJ had a chorus concert at school. I had invited some friends and were saving 3 seats for them. This mom came over and started to sit down.
Me~I am savng these for a friend,i'm sorry
Her~ You should be (in a very RUDE tone) as she glared and walked away.
Once the concert was over she was walking towards me just glaring at me. I am surprised i didn't catch fire.

So tonight we had another concert and our eyes met and she just glared at me again. I smiled thinking she would smile back.Oh I was wrong. Took the boys to the bathroom, she was in there. As i was washing hands she was glaring at me in the mirror. So I asked "what the heck did i ever do to you?"
her response~ "you're just one of those "cute"(she used hand gestures for this word) moms that make us real moms look bad"
I was so shocked I didn't know what to say or think. All that came out was "what are you talking about?"
Her~"you know, you're skinny,you drive the nice vehicle,your kids wear the name brand clothes and are always looking so cute and are well behaved,you carry those expensive bags,you always look so put together."
Me~just standing there with fussy baby in one arm,whiney preschooler hanging on the other and a 5 year old trying to pull my pants down and my mouth hanging open.
Her~turns around starts to walk out the door and says "i don't like that my husband checks you out"

OKAY!! HOLD THE PHONES!! What the heck? I am left in shock and wondering why anyone would think this about me or say this to me????? And if your husband is checking me out maybe you should be glaring at him.
I am so giddy that i look so put together. Do I get a gold star for looking like an organized mother of 4? I am so not put together.How does walking your kids to school in your jammies and flip flops,no makeup,hair not combed and two other kids in their jammies look put together?
And another thing that bugs me,how does she know what kind of vehicle i drive? i never drive to the school.We walk because it would take longer to buckle everyone.

And for the record,night before last was the first time I have ever noticed this mom.
And frankly, not sure i care to cross paths with her again. I think shes a little crazy.

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