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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mrs. fun has two sick kids. With a sniffle here and a sniffle there. Here a sniffle, there a sniffle. Here a cough there a cough, everywhere a cough cough.
pass the wine, the whiskey, the ice cream. Anything!!!

I have decided that the xbox has got to go. I am taking it and putting it up tonight. I am so tired of being asked if they can play it when the know they can't. The rule is you can't play it on school days. Since they had 4 days with it, they've asked the last 3 mornings and 2 nights if they can play it. I say no and they melt,just melt and act out. So i figure if its gone they won't ask and that will be one less melting/tantrum in a day.
Mr. Fun also likes to play xbox but he says he can play those games on the laptop so that was what made my final decision.


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