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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thirteen Things about Mrs. Fun

1~I walked twice on Tuesday and plan to walk again today.
2~I am hoping for a fun,happy Thanksgiving
3~I am tired of feeling fat and bloated,it sucks.
4~I have a swollen zit on the corner of my mouth that makes me look like half a joker.
5~I had perfect skin untill I turned 31 and then zits started to pop up
6~I finally filled out my calander and wow, i'm busy
7~I ordered a 50 mm lens for my camera.
8~I can't wait to use it!!!!! I should be getting it this week sometime.
9~I have my first non family shoot with my new camera scheduled on Friday
10~I am starting to like a couple of the preschools moms.
11~I realized Gymboree is having gymbucks again, must stay away,far away!!
12~I already filled my cart online at gymboree,now to refrain from ordering it.
13~I absolutely dread waking a sleeping baby which i have to go right now to get Wy to school.

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