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Friday, November 11, 2005

----------+Three day weekends-

Seems we have a lot of them lately. I love it. Last night after baseball practice we went to dinner at TGIF's. VERY disappointing service. Won't go into details but at least the food was good. The boys actually ate their meal too. That rarely happens.
There were four tables in our group back behind the bar. All four tables had families of six. What are the chances of that? I said we must of all been feeling brave. All had young children too, a baby at each table. I have to say I was pleased at how well behaved all sixteen(wow thats a shitload of kids) of the children were,all stayed in ther seats and no outbreaks of whining or tantrums. It was a nice atsmophere, i enjoyed myself. I like to see other familys with four or more kids. Makes me feel less crazy and out of mind *wink*

Then we walked over to Target and bought T's third Christmas present. It is a dog with various buttons you push. He plays music and songs like if your happy and you know it and ABC's He fell n love with it,laughed,squealed and tried to eat it. So I bought it and JJ claims thats going to be from her.
I also bought me a magenetic dry erase calander and six different markers with magnets on them. In hops of being a little more organized. Each family member gets their own color. But when I went to start filling it out i noticed its damaged so have to exchange it. I also need to figure out the perfect place to hang it where I will see multiple times a day. (maybe n the computer screen,lol)

Today I am hoping to get some pictures of all four kids together. We are going to the park this morning,wish me luck. Its practice for our Christmas cards. I am hoping to find a pose that I can get all four at least looking at the camera and holding still. (HAHAHA,like thats gonna happen)

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