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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Damn Construction!!!

6:45AM....bang boom crash!!! T wakes up crying. Anyone that has a baby knows when they wake if they are crying you are in for a long day. Today was the 3rd day T woke up crying because of the construction on the street by our house.
Isn't there a law about noise and disturbing the peace before a certian hour in the morning. 6:45 AM is just too early to be woken up by construction.
I feel like walking out there with crying baby and handing him off. Think they would get the hint? Or maybe find out where they live and play really loud music outside their bedroom window at midnight when they are trying to sleep.
And I can't even figure out what they are doing besides tearing up the street and tearing down a wall. But on a positive note, its slowed down the speeders that whip up and down the street.

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