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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Thirteen Things about Mrs. Fun

1~ I stayed up way too late last night, just wasn't sleepy untill 2AM!
2~I think my third child was switched at birth. Hes so different than my other kids.
3~We are trying to decide what to do with the room that is currently the office. We need more kid space. We may get rid of the PC all together and just have the laptop or we might move the desk into our bedroom. Not sure if the office will be just a playroom or someones bedroom. Decisions Decisions!
4~I keep telling myself I am going to walk in the mornings but so far that hasn't happened.
5~Mr. Fun thinks I am spoiled, I think I'm loved.
6~I woke up with a sore throat today, that sucks.
7~Sunday will not come soon enough for me. Screw Halloween, i'm gettin' a new camera!
8~I shouldn't be sitting here because I have a lot going on today and one includes a visitor so I must clean up the clutter of this house.
9~I am disappointed that we didn't get to a pumpkin patch this year for pictures. All the patches here suck, they aren't any bigger than my living room.
10~I only have decaf coffee left in the house, that sucks even more than the above.
11~I don't understand why people are rude to strangers.Seriously, i can see being rude to someone you know that has pissed you off but a innocent strangers?
12~Sitting here nursing the babe thinking hes getting so big. Soon it will be time to wean and i'm a bit torn on when and how.
13~I'm getting a new camera Sunday! My mom rocks!
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