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Sunday, October 23, 2005

The curse of Wy-guy

Here I sit typing this. Wy is at the doorway claiming hes hungry. I give him a banana. Thats his only choice since its bedtime. He says he doesn't like bananas "BULLSHIT" He eats them all the time. But I play along and ask what else he wants. He claims he doesn't know. I knew this would be the answer because hes not really hungry. Hes just being Wy and trying to prolong bedtime. He has to challenge everything and disagree with every thing I say. We butt heads all day long.
Usually bedtime isn't a real challenge. Tonight has been a different story. It started with the pull-up. He still wears one to bed because I know the night I don't put ot on him he'll have an accident. He doesn't want to put it on and I am willing to go with it on ONE condition. That condition is that he uses the bathroom before bed. He refuses and says he doesn't have to pee. Fine, then we put the pull up on. He refuses. So I fight and struggle with him and finally realize I can just put it on him after hes asleep. But then he thinks hes won this battle that I shouldn't of fought in the first place *sigh* Remember to pick your battles, some aren't worth the fight. This is one of them.
And now with the food before bed.
I GIVE UP!!!!!!!!! I just give up!!!! I try so hard and get nothing. I have a VERY long road ahead of me with this child.

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