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Friday, October 07, 2005

Going back home

Saying that seems weird to me. Home was always where I was, growing up. I never felt a sense of longing for where I lived prior. Maybe it was because we moved a lot. I remember moving every year. The longest we lived in a house was 3rd-5th grade and then moving to another state after that. I think I grew up a lot that summer. I don't remember saying goodbye to my old friends. I do remember the trip out.
We had two cats, a dog and kittens (not sure the #). Our car broke down in the middle of the desert in June. It was hot and some elderly couple picked us up,saved us. We lived in Las Vegas in an apartment for the summer before moving to Henderson to start school. And that was home, that city became my home. But we still had one more state to conquer.
After moving to California, that was my home. But life happened and I moved back to Henderson and lived with my Aunt and 3 cousins. Again, I felt at home. After graduation, I moved back to California. I was home, home for good, so I thought. In 2004, I moved to Utan(where i was born and lived out the first 11 yrs of life) with my fiance(not Mr. Fun). HUGE mistake (other than meeting my best friend) and 3 months later I was back in California,home. Fast foward to now,living in Arizona for over a year and California is still my home.
I told a friend I was going back home next weekend. As I was saying it, it struck me funny. (i've typed it but never said it out loud) I consider here,my home, our home. I doubt that I will ever return to California to live. I moved here with the intentions of raising my children here,same house,same schools, no more moving.
So why is California still home to me? Maybe because my mom is there, shes not with me this time. Why not say, I was going to visit family next weekend? I couldn't, even now after writing about it. Its back home to me.

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