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Monday, October 03, 2005

Holding my babies a bit tighter

911 was called from our phone yesterday. Unlinke the other times it wasn't an accident by one of the kids playing with the phone or the cordless phone freaking out. It was real. The fear was rushing through me.
I heard a very panicked MOM!!!! from JJ. I went running in the living room where I found baby T red in the face and silent. He wasn't breathing. I yelled for the phone,JJ dialed 911 and T started to fuss a little color came back. No sooner was I talking to the fire department did he start to turn red, eyes watering and and silence again. I was told to keep him upright,do not stick my fingers in his mouth or pound on his back(which i had already done). After hanging up he started to breathe,slow shallow breathes but he was breathing.
The EMT's arrived, I called Mr. Fun to come home and to make a long scarey story short. T is okay. He has a follow up appointment today.

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