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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Martha Stewart

I have never really been a fan of hers. You know the blinkie that says "Martha doesn't live here"? Well, that couldn't be any more true for this house. Though my little Miss JJ could give her a run for her money.
So back to my point..............I watched Letterman last night and I enjoyed her. She has such an awesome outlook about everything. She saw it all with a postive twist. I wanted to yell "You ROCK Martha" but luckily I realized she couldn't hear me before doing so. And I have to say she looks good. She had a glow about her.
I wish I could remember her exact quote but it was late and I was tired. Letterman asked if she was outraged at all, her response was something along the lines of " thats such a waste of time" Again "You ROCK"
This is how I feel about negative things that happen to me and those around me. To be angry,outragrd or pissy about things is such a waste of time and energy" I try very hard to put a positive spin on things for me,my friends and my family. I realize theres some things that you just have to be pissy,sad,angry about. For the most part though theres always a positive way of looking at a situation. At least for me :)

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