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Monday, September 12, 2005

Running into an old acquaintance

Or in my case hiding from a former preschool mom. Walking into Target today (yes, i went there again and still forgot the paper plates) I see her pulling in. I am at customer service and I watch her walk one way. I then walk the other way. I am leaning over looking at something and she says "I thought that was G's mommy" I try to ignore her,pretend I don't hear her. Theres other G's mommys in the world,rigth? I start to walk down the isle. "Misti, Misti HI its me, the overly annoying room mom from G's preschool last year" AWWW damn it, I have to talk to her. So we chit chat about how big the baby is now and how kindergarten is going. Then she asks the dreaded question about Wy going to preschool. I lied(i think i might be going to hell) right in front of my preschooler. I said Wy wasn't going to preschool this year. Meanwhile I am giving Wy the quiet sign because I know he knows he does in fact go to preschool. At any minute I could hear him saying "mom, i do to go, my teachers are Mrs. Mac and Mrs. S" So the quiet sign stayed 3 inches from his face through this whole conversation. Just as I started to feel really guilty about the lie she started in on her rant about public school and other preschools. Oh the guilt was gone, so gone that I lied again and said I had to be somewhere. I didn't walk I power walked to the front paid for everything I needed minus the paper plates and then ran to my car.
I hope I NEVER run into that woman again. She drives me crazy. When she talks I hear fingernails on a chalkboard. She has her viewpoint and thats it. Doesn't care what others think. Shes right,you're wrong. If you don't send your kids to her church/school then you are doomed.

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