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Monday, September 05, 2005

The blame game

Everyone seems to have the need to blame. I accept the fact that sometimes things happen just because they happen. You can't always blame things on someone or something. Things happen. Mother nature is a strong force, she can't be stopped,willed or convinced. She does what she wants where she wants.
And I read an article about how what happened is The Presidents fault. This is what peeves me off. It really does. How is this Hurricane his fault, did he put in a call and BAM! theres a hurricane to devistate thousands?
We could go as far to blame this on the French. They built the levee system. Why not start there? Really? blaming is not going to fix the problem we have at hand.
This is such a sad situation, its only going to get worse if you sit on your duff and play the blame game. It doesn't matter why anymore, it happened. Its time to start picking up the pieces,helping our fellow Americans to get back on their feet.
And lets pray that a Hurricane of such force doesn't happen again.
Use your energy in positive ways and put the negativity behind you.

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