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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Disclaimer~whiney post ahead from one that thinks whining about things is a huge waste of time. Get over it already and move on is my motto. But not today. I am full of disappoinment.

I'm a little disappointed

I would be a liar if I said I wasn't. We managed to get our hands on the Diamondbacks Owners seats for tonights game. Which will be followed with a concert performed by LIVE. One of my favorite bands.
Our friends had 4 tickets. I am not sure who ended up with my ticket. I hope it didn't go to waste.
So Mr.Fun ,his best friend and wife are at the game right now. And me? I get the pleasure of listening to Wy whine, T fuss, G scream and Ice Ice baby is currently playing on itunes.(why the hell do we even have that song downloaded?)
Now how did I get so lucky? If you are wondering why I didn't go? I will list them for you.
1~ T won't take a bottle
2~T,Wy and JJ are sick
3~Don't have a babysitter other than the people that invited us to go with them.
4~I am running on empty
5~T won't drink from anything thats any form of plastic or silicone.

So I stayed home, thats what any good mom would do,right?
Then why am i so bummed out that I am here and not there?
I know I will get over it and I know there will most likely be another chance to see LIVE perform again. But right now i am seriously disappointed.
~Baseball,sitting in the best seats in the house and a live performance from one of my favorite bands~ It was all right there in my hands *shaking head*

Has there ever been a time you did the right thing but all the while wished you hadn't?
Man, i really wish I was sitting there,drink in hand,some ballpark treat in the other. Sitting next to Mr. Fun,enjoying good company and getting a much needed break.

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