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Saturday, August 27, 2005

7 nights of very litlle sleep

I believe I am officially a walking zombie. Even the coffee isn't giving me a short spurt of energy. I am zapped,on empty.DING DING DING my fuel light has come on *yawn*
As if a sick teething baby wasn't enough I have 2 other sick kids right now. So if I'm not up with the baby I am listening to a 3 year old cough and if hes silent the 5 year old is asking for a glass of water.

Its 3:30 and I am thinking silence is golden. I may be able to squeeze a few hours of sleep in. But wait, the baby wants to nurse again, there goes Wy barking like a seal. So its now 4Am and its silent once again but whats bed has been taken over by two not so small boys. I push one over,scoot the other down to the end..My pillow,my friend. WAH WAAAH WAH Up again Up again there is no time for sleep. Baby now needs a diaper change. 5 AM is too early for such a young thing to be awake and ready for play,isn't it? Not in my universe .
Hello coffee cup *yawn*

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